Your Biggest Problem with Sharing the Gospel

You are your biggest problem with sharing the gospel. Here's why I think so.

Do you share the gospel?

Are you inviting people to church?

Do you cringe at the thought of giving out a tract to the cashier?

Are you living a life set apart so that others know there is something different about your family?

What’s holding you back? There has to be a reason you aren’t warning lost souls about hell.

Is it the awkwardness of the silence afterward that you are afraid of?

Or the fear of rejection?

Are you afraid of losing a good friend or loved one?

Do you notice that in each of those scenarios I mentioned you?

You are the biggest problem with sharing the gospel.

You worry more about yourself than the lost soul.

You would rather be best friends with your new girlfriend than bringing up her need for salvation.

You would rather get out of Target quickly instead of giving the cashier a track on your way out.

You worry more about what others would think of you.

Maybe you’re running late, your kids are tired and cranky in line or you simply are too shy to offer a tract or ask about salvation.

But it’s not about you.

You are your biggest problem with sharing the gospel. Here's why I think so.

We have been given a job, regardless of how we feel about it. Once you are born again, the great commission becomes your greatest call.

Your pride is too big that it’s costing others their eternal soul.

If we cared more about the lost, then we would be more vigilant about sharing the gospel. We would be bringing salvation up in every encounter that we have with a lost person. We wouldn’t drop it in order to avoid the awkwardness that follows. We would put our pride on the back burner and care more about the other person than ourselves. We are not here to have more friends but to share the gospel.

We wouldn’t passively bring it up once and then never again just so we can be friends. If we aren’t living a life set apart if we aren’t being a witness than our lost friends will never have the desire to accept Christ.

Did you know that passing out tracts and soul winning becomes easier the more that you do it? Yes, it’s painfully awkward at first but you learn the ropes and it becomes old hat before you know it. The other day I was out soul winning with a girlfriend for our church wide soul winning event and we were discussing how as teens and young adults soul winning seemed to come so naturally but once we stopped doing it regularly¬† (hello marriage and new babies!) we now feel so out of sorts. It won’t stay that way though if we keep pressing on and sharpening the tools on our belt. The same is true for you!

We cannot forget our job. We need to take our eyes off of our discomfort, our awkwardness, our busyness and our desire for the worldly friendships. We need to think with an eternal perspective, we need to think about their eternity. We were given a command from the Lord to share the gospel.

Mark 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Are you doing it? Are you doing it faithfully? Boldly? Unashamedly? If you’re not, you are your biggest problem. What are you going to do about it?

Do you agree? Are you your biggest problem with sharing the gospel?

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