Why Your Homemaking Matters

It's easy to lose sight of why your homemaking matters. Amidst all of the laundry, dishes and shopping it feels like there is no worth in what you do. But my friend, there is. Here is why your homemaking matters.

You’re worn out. Beyond exhaustion. You’re constantly on the go throughout the day taking care of everyone in your home.

You have so many hats that you wear that it’s sometimes hard to even remember why you’re wearing them in the first place.

The constant cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping is nearly a full-time job in and of itself. When you add the cleaning and childcare you are working multiple jobs in a single day. If you homeschool on top of it all you are bound to feel the pressure of it all.

Being a homemaker is not an easy job.

When you are stuck under a pile of dirty diapers, laundry, math lessons, child training, cooking meals and cleaning toilets you begin to feel like its all worthless. It’ll all need to be done again tomorrow, right?

The longer you go without remembering why you do what you do you begin to feel unappreciated and ignored. Your heart begins to grow discontented in the matter of days all because you’ve lost your perspective.

While homemaking may not be easy, it is a very important job.

Your homemaking matters.

You matter.

The laundry matters. The meals matter. The cleaning matters. It all matters.


Your family needs you. Your service to your family is what binds the family together. Without your hard work your family would fall apart. Your children will be wild and disobedient. Your house would be filthy and the people inside will be miserable. You will find yourself fighting with your spouse and picking up some bad behaviors that could very well destroy your marriage.

It's easy to lose sight of why your homemaking matters. Amidst all of the laundry, dishes and shopping it feels like there is no worth in what you do. But my friend, there is. Here is why your homemaking matters.

Without your service, your household would not function. While your husband and children may not express their gratitude as often as you would like them too, they do notice it and rely on it. They take it for granted. Your job is so important that if you stopped doing it all everything would fall apart. You are the glue that keeps your family together and functioning, don’t forget that.

Your family may take it all for granted but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the fact that you feed them, clean up after them and keep the house running smoothly.

Why do you do what you do? Why do you make sure the kids are fed and the laundry is clean?

Because you love them.

You love them more than you love yourself. Wouldn’t you do anything for your child? That includes washing their clothes and cleaning up the pee off the toilet from your directionally challenged boys!

Philippians 2:3  Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Jesus commands us to love others more than ourselves, one way that we do that is by serving our families.

Because you love Him.

We don’t serve for the praise of men, we serve to bring glory to God. Your family may not see your heart and the attitude you have while scrubbing the toilets for the hundredth time but God does.

 Because America needs more mothers being mothers.

Our society today has lowered the position of a mother and wife. It is somehow not honorable to stay home and take care of your family. That somehow you are less than the other women out there working and hiring nanny’s and housekeepers to tend to their personal affairs. Women have become unattached to the role God has called them too. Children are a blessing from the Lord, being a wife is an honorable job! Don’t let the media and culture take that from you! As our society has shifted to having more working women and fewer women taking care of their homes, we have seen divorce rates sky rocket and children put on meds to control their behavior. What America needs more of is more women willing to stand up and take pride in their homemaking. To find value in it, to raise their child and serve their husband. (*I’m not saying all women shouldn’t work, I’m a wahm myself, but when we aren’t making our homemaking our top priority than we have our priorities wrong as a woman, child of God and as a society as a whole.)

Dear worn out, weary mama, keep on serving. Keep on making those meals, washing those clothes, grading those tests. You have a purpose. You have a worthy job. You are loved and cherished by your family. You are loved by the Father. When you feel unappreciated remember your why. When you want to give up and quit serving your family, remind yourself how important your job is. Your homemaking matters.

Do you feel like your homemaking matters?

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