Why You Need to Visit the Ark Encounter

Find out why you need to visit the Ark Encounter.

Are you on the fence about going to the Ark Encounter?

Is it worth the cost? Is it worth the long drive? Travel expenses?

This summer we went to Cincinnati, Ohio for our vacation. We wanted to visit the Ark the first year it opened since we were in Columbus but we missed their grand opening day by 2 days.

All year my family talked about going to the Ark. I couldn’t convince them to wait another year. I wanted to wait for our youngest to be a little bit older so she could always have the memory. But I was out voted. So to the Ark, we went. And I’m so glad we did!

Have you noticed that there is so much anti-ark news stories out there? Satan is doing everything that he can to get people not to go to the Ark.

The main stories out there are that the Ark Encounter is failing. That they aren’t bringing in enough revenue to stay afloat.

From our experience, there was a ton of people there and lines to see exhibits. It did not look like a failing business. The media is doing a great job at making people think it is. You can’t believe everything you read when it comes to a Christian amusement attraction.

Find out why you need to visit the Ark Encounter.

1. To learn. To see the Ark at its full size will blow your mind. It is beyond anything you can comprehend. The fact that Noah built a boat of that size and magnitude is beyond comprehension, it is gigantic. To see it with your own eyes will have you standing in amazement. You will also learn how Noah organized the ark, how he fed the animals, cleaned up after them, and how he and his family lived while inside the ark. So many answers to your questions will get answered as you walk through the Ark Encounter.

2. To be amazed. Again, it is jaw dropping how large it actually it is. To see it with your own eyes is awesome. To see how great our God is, how He sent this flood yet kept Noah safe is powerful.

3. To bring the Bible to life for your kids. If you are amazed walking through the Ark Encounter, it has the same effect on your little ones. Bringing the Bible to life and showing to them just how big our God is will only strengthen their walk with God. It is definitely a memory they will not forget!

4. To support a Christian establishment. We all love Chik-Fil-A, right? We love eating there not only because it’s great food but also because we are supporting their Christian values. The same is true for the Ark Encounter. The Ark is getting a lot of negative media attention, what better way to support the Ark than to go there and to pay the ticket price and walk through it? Prove to America that the Christian circle is a force to be reckoned with!

The Ark Encounter is definitely worth the ticket price, the travel expenses and travel time. It is a truly amazing experience. The exhibits are well thought out, high quality, the art work is fantastic. You’ll learn so much while walking through it. You will be amazed at its actual size.

Being a Christian is an honor. We get to serve the Lord. We get to enjoy life this side of heaven. We get to be the King’s child and see replicas of how He has protected His people throughout the ages. You are proud to be an American, are you proud to be a Christian? Then go see the Ark Encounter!

Are you planning a trip to visit the Ark Encounter?

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