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The Missing Ingredient to Your Repentance

Are you struggling to get victory in an area of your life? Do you find yourself ignoring or hiding from God? There's a missing ingredient to your repentance and you can't go on without it.

Choose love.

A very critical phrase in our homes.

I have Crytal’s choose love shirt and bracelet reminding me to choose love over yelling, losing my temper or being critical. For me, a spilled cup of milk among other things sets me off. And let’s not even get into repetitive loud noises. Have mercy. I should have more patience, I should be more relaxed over the little things but I am just not wired that way.

Because of this weakness, I need the visual reminders since my upbringing and flesh want me to lash out. When you grow up in a yelling environment it is all to easy to yell and not even realize it. Many times when my husband and I were first married (and still today but not nearly as much, I promise!) he would say, “why are you yelling?!” Naturally, I would yell back that I’m not yelling. Ha.

We all have habits that we struggle with. Whether it be our tongue, our attitude, our eating habits, being lazy, being addicted to busyness or even worrying too much. Our flesh is weak.

It can be very frustrating to struggle with a besetting sin. You want to overcome but it just doesn’t seem possible.

It’s because you are missing something.

Maybe you say a half-hearted repentance prayer, half-heartedly say you’re sorry to whomever you hurt, maybe you slip up so much that you don’t even ask for forgiveness from God or others.

Apologizing is H-A-R-D.

Repenting is hard.

It’s meant to be hard.


Because of our pride.

Pride is the root of so much sin and ugliness in life.

Your pride doesn’t want to take a hit by apologizing.

Your pride doesn’t want you to repent.

Your pride doesn’t want you to admit that you were wrong.

Your pride compares your sin to others sin. Clearly, you are the better person, ahem.

Your pride wants you cover it up, do some good works and forget about it.

But where does that get you? Nowhere.

Ignoring your sin makes you miserable.

Are you struggling to get victory in an area of your life? Do you find yourself ignoring or hiding from God? There's a missing ingredient to your repentance and you can't go on without it.

True repentance takes a humble heart.

Do you know anyone, maybe it’s you, who is so deep into their sinful lifestyle yet they know deep down that all it would take is humility to admit they’ve made some grave errors but that they want to change their life around? They know they are miserable yet refuse to admit it. Sometimes it’s the pleasures of sin for a season that keep them chained up but many times once the season ends they refuse to humble themselves.

Humility is the missing ingredient.

God knew that true repentance couldn’t take place with pride in our hearts. He hates pride and wanted to get it out of us any way He can.

We are going to keep falling if we don’t truly repent.

God can give you the grace to break the sinful habits in your life, but first, you need to humble yourself to repent and then turn away from it.

2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Notice how humility is listed first in order to have repentance and forgiveness.

It is the forgotten ingredient, the left out step and the most ignored piece.

Without humility, you cannot have repentance.

I could not get any victory or progress in my snappy behavior without first realizing that I had a problem, that pride was causing me to think more highly of myself than I ought to think and that I am no better than the child that spilled the milk or the husband who leaves the toilet seat up. I couldn’t get victory until I humbled myself and started asking for forgiveness from those around me and asking for a good dose of humility (and grace!) every morning from the Lord. Have I overcome? No. I still struggle but not nearly as much. Slow, imperfect progress is still progress. Choose love over yelling is my constant reminder of my need for a good dose of humility.

Humble yourself, ask forgiveness from God and others when you mess up. It’ll change your life. It will set you free and will mend the relationships in your life. And if you’re like me and know your weaknesses, invest in some visual reminders that will help you overcome. It takes a strong woman to admit her weakness and be determined to change it. But first, check your heart and rid of it any pride holding you back from overcoming the sin.


Your turn! Do you struggle with pride and a sin habit you shake free from? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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    Kelsey Moore
    September 20, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Thank you for reminding me that our pride goes before our falls. I believe that we should indeed humble ourselves before we approach the throne to ask for forgiveness.

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