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The Key to Breaking Free from Anxiety

Do you feel trapped by your anxieties? Are you longing to break free from it's hold on you? Here is the key to breaking free from anxiety.

So you’ve been struggling with anxiety and fear for a long time now, right? You’ve tried many things to be calmer, more trusting and carefree but time and again your worrying creeps back in. You’ve read all of the self-help books. You’ve taken the prescription drugs to help you. You’ve relied on your close friends and family for support. Whether you are having full blown panic attacks or you wrestle with certain anxieties you can’t seem to rid yourself of the chains that it has around you.

What is the biggest reason that you can’t or won’t let go of your anxieties? Why do you hold on them and sit in your rocking chair of worry? Why can’t you let go and let God be in control? It comes down to one key thing.

Your lack of faith.

Your lack of faith in God is why you can’t overcome your anxiety.

Faith raises us above our circumstances. Faith enables us to be content even when life doesn’t make sense. Faith is a vital component in our relationship with God and in our ability to be content. p. 141

Websters 1828 defines faith as belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity, without other evidence.

The Bible defines faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).

Faith is having confidence in something or someone. Faith is completely trusting and notice Webster’s says its resting. There is rest when you overcome your anxiety. 

We need to place our faith in God.

Gos is worthy to be the object of our faith because of His marvelous character. p. 144

Why God? Why not our counselor, pastor, doctor, or friend? Because He is faithful, God is the same yesterday, today or forever. Because He has never lied, hurt you, or left you. Because He loves you. Because He worthy.

Confidence in God’s character enables us to throw ourselvs with complete abandon into His care. p. 145

Let me show you why God’s character is so amazing and worthy of our faith, again from the author Linda Dillow in Calm My Anxious Heart.

Do you feel trapped by your anxieties? Are you longing to break free from it's hold on you? Here is the key to breaking free from anxiety.

God is Sovereign

Supreme in power, that is what sovereign means. God is in control, He has the power over everything not only in our lives but in the world around us. It is time you learned to trust in His control. Trust that He is working everything out according to His will and that everything He brings into your life will be for good and will bring Him glory and honor.

When we accept these truths we will understand that there are no accidents in life, no mistakes. It is all under His sovereign control. Once we accept this truth, we can trust Him with the smallest details and rest assured, being that carefree soul you long to be.

God is Wise

Wisdom is having the skills and understanding of different things. Saying that God is wise is saying that He has the skills to take care of the details in your life. We take our car to the mechanic when it’s making a funky sound because they have the skill to fix it, the same is true with every situation in our lives as we bring them to God for Him to take care of.

God is Love

This is a big one. One we cannot miss. Jesus was born and died all because He first loved us. People who love you here on earth are still imperfect people, they’re going to let you down but God cannot let you down, it would go against His character. Put your faith in God’s love for you.

Faith looks to God, but feelings look to what is going on around us. p. 150

So what does this look like in everyday life? What happens when that scary diagnosis comes? What happens when your world is turned upside down? What about when you can’t drive, go for walks or attend a big group meeting because you are held back by the panic attack that keeps knocking you down? It’s easy to trust God and have faith in Him when everything is smooth sailing, amen? But what about when it gets harder when your faith is put to the test? You want to see what God is up to, how is He going to work things out, is He even at work in this situation? You want to go back to gently helping God out. Friend, that is not letting go and letting God be in control.

Faith is walking with God in those dark, scary, panic attack-inducing moments and letting Him carry you through. It’s following in His footprints as He goes before you.

It’s complete surrender.

Are you willing to trust Him? Are you willing to have faith in His will? That is when you will be let free from the chains of anxiety, I can promise you that. I’ve seen it, Linda has seen it. You can see it in your own life.

Do you struggle having or keeping your faith in God when anxieties come knocking at your door?

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