4 Things that Sparked Joy

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this week?

  1. We didn’t lose power! Our area was hit with powerful windstorm this week and numerous people all across the area lost power for 3+ days. I am so thankful that despite the lights flickering we kept power the whole time. My kids were starting to get worried when the lights were flickering so I was really hoping not to lose it. I don’t know how thought because everyone around us lost power. We were among the rare few with lights on. Praise God!
  2. My mom started her oily journey! After hearing my sister and I rave about how these oils are impacting our lives and supporting every system in our bodies and after trying samples my mom finally became a believer and jumped on board! I couldn’t be more excited for her! Every house needs oils. It’s that simple. The toxic chemicals we are putting into our bodies is killing us. (Interested in oils, start here!)
  3. Date night with my Little Lady. Well, it was actually more like a date day. We went to a mommy and me tea party and then went out to dinner together. It was special to have that one on one time with her. She always has lots to say when she isn’t being interrupted by her brothers. And her cuteness just keeps me entertained.
  4. Cheesecake. Wait, what? Doesn’t cheesecake bring everyone joy? As a late birthday celebration, a close friend made me a mini cheesecake. Check out this pan, it’s adorable! If you only need a small cheesecake or cheesecake for 2 then this is your size pan. 

What sparked joy in your life this week?

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

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