4 Things that Sparked Joy

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this week?

  1. Big Guy turned 7! I can’t believe our oldest is now 7! It feels like just yesterday I saw those 2 little pink lines. Pink lines that changed our lives. We were blessed with one great little boy. He is funny, helpful, hardworking, motivated, and eager to learn about anything. He has a stubborn streak in him that pushes him to keep at something until he masters it. He’s a great kid. He’s a kid now. It’s so crazy how fast these last 7 years have gone. He wanted a monkey cake this year so that’s what he got!
  2. Strawberry picking! We loved strawberry season! Probably way too much! Ha. We weren’t sure if we were going to get to go this year with the move and then the vacation. The strawberries were late this year due to all of the rain we’ve gotten so picking season didn’t open until the weekend before we left. So we hurried on over and picked as much as we could consume before we left! 
  3. Strawberry jam! We also picked enough to make our yearly batch of strawberry jam. This year we didn’t make a double batch for a few reasons, mainly cost since we just moved into a new home. But we are thankful for the batch we were able to make. Homemade jam is the BEST! This year all of the kids helped me throughout the whole process. They were actually very helpful and it ended up being a great afternoon.
  4. Planting my garden. I love gardening and didn’t think I was going to get in a vegetable garden this season. With our move date being so up in the air I couldn’t plant at the normal time and I knew my window would be small to get something going. But my wonderful friend, who plants a massive garden each year started some baby plants for me and took care of them until after we moved. It was such a blessing! It was a great housewarming gift! Now to pray over it and hope that it yields some goodies in a few months and not end up a dud like a few of my gardens have.

    What sparked joy in your life this week?

    Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

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