4 Things that Sparked Joy

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this week?

  1. Fishing with friends! This Memorial Day was pretty unconventional for us. We typically go to the parade, go buy our vegetables for the garden, do some planting then some cooking out. Not this year. We weren’t really sure of when we were moving so the garden was on hold and we didn’t want to buy a new propane tank for our grill just to move it a few days later. In the morning our Little Lady slept right up until it was time to leave for the parade and it was drizzly out, so we skipped that too. So we ended up with an impromptu fishing date with friends. The kids loved it and talked about it for days, they already wanted to know when we could do it again. Friends are awesome. Especially the ones who are willing to teach your kids how to fish and do all the nasty worm and fish touching for you. Ha!
  2. A new washer and dryer! These brought a lot of joy this week! The new house we are moving into had no washer and dryer. We debated for about a week on which route to take=-buying used off of Craigslist or buying new. With my husband’s work schedule and the high prices on used ones, we decided to just buy new ones. I love them! We literally looked at every single washer and dryer they sold, ha! I’m pretty indecisive. We were able to take advantage of the Memorial Day sale so it all worked out perfectly!
  3. Little Lady turned 4! Well almost, we celebrated a few days early because of the move. Everything has been moved or on hold for this move. It’s not fun not having a move date! Since I packed all of my baking supplies and we weren’t sure which house we would be living in we decided to have my cake baking friend bake the princess cake for us. It took a lot of stress off of me. I was worrying a lot about it. I wanted a special cake since it was the first real birthday cake our Little Lady could have! She outgrew her food allergies this last year so I wanted this cake to be awesome! She loved it!
  4. Cordless Hair Clippers. I am loving our new hair clippers from Amazon. They are much quieter than our last one. It’s not as heavy either but what I love most about them is that they are cordless. That alone is really speeding up the time it takes to cut 3 people’s hair in one sitting. I cut my boy’s hair and my husband;s hair because it saves us a ton of money. But having really good clippers is the key. We tried cheap ones from Walmart and they were the worst. We know now just to get a good set. Our last ones last 5 years. Totally worth it! If you cut hair in your home, check these ones out!

What sparked joy in your life this week?

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

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