4 Things that Sparked Joy

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this week?

  1. Mother’s Day! I love seeing my kid’s different personalities shine through on days like this. I also love seeing how much they’ve grown from the year before. Before my husband realizes it the kids won’t be needing his help figuring on and coordinating Mothe’rs Day gifts. He’s also training them so well. They all picked out one of my favorite things and made me a cute craft. And adorable cards! I loved soaking it all in. I love hearing Happy Mother’s Day come from their little mouths, it melts my heart. 
  2. Denny’s! Yes, you did read that correctly. I am talking about the restaurant. I have always loved Denny’s pancakes and hashbrowns. In the town, we live in the nearest Denny’s was always a half hour drive and it never seemed worth it with 3 small kids in tow. So we never went once we moved back to the area. But we noticed on of our date nights that one opened up about 15 minutes from us! So you better believe we went the first morning we had a chance. And it was amazing! It was the kid’s first time and they thought it was great to get pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage all in one meal! We are ready to go back again.
  3. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I have some unruly, frizzy, dry curly hair naturally. I spend a couple years straightening it but after some severe hair loss, I decided to go natural. That left me trying to figure out what products to use again. I got a free small sample size of this serum and I am amazed at how it makes my hair look. I’m getting calm and under control hair with minimal frizz. It’s the best anti-frizz serum I’ve used and I have tried a ton of different products. I use it after I use the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and I am actually starting to like my hair again. The mousse doesn’t leave me with crunchy curls and I am beyond thrilled with it! If you have similar hair, I definitely can’t recommend these two products! 
  4. Little Guy finished Kindergarten!! Yippee! It’s has been quite the school year with this little guy. We’ve had our highs, lows, and extreme lows. Most days I was sure one or both us were not going to make it to the end. Most days included both of us crying at some point. But here we are, safely at the end. He can read, he can write and he can do basic addition and subtraction. He learned so many Bible character lessons all year round and memorized a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet. I’d call that a success and now we have a few months to recover from the challenging year to gear up for first grade. I may be a little scared. Okay, maybe a lot scared, ha! Mamas homeschooling strong willed children deserve a medal and a hug. So here’s a virtual one from me! You can do it because if I can, you can!

What sparked joy in your life this week?

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

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