4 Things that Sparked Joy

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this week?

  1. Date night! This weekend my husband and I were able to get out of the house kid free! Something that hasn’t happened since Spring/Summer 2016! So that topped my whole week! Uninterrupted adult conversation is hard to come by these days!
  2. Girls Night Out! Another rarity happened for me this week, a girls night. Say what? I was able to go out to dinner and shopping with a few of my girlfriends celebrating one of their birthdays. It was a fun night and who doesn’t love going to the Cheesecake Factory?!
  3. Finishing my Amish novel by Beverly Lewis! I love to read and gravitate to either self-help books like Own Your Life or the Lifegiving Home in the precious few minutes I can get to read but I really try hard to fit in a good Amish novel when I can. Beverly Lewis is by far the best! I just finished The Wish and plan on reading The River next but first I need to read Everyday Grace. Like I said, I try to go back and forth. It’s so important for us to find time, even if only for a few minutes, to do something that fuels us to keep serving. Reading is on my list, what’s on yours?
  4. The outfits my Little Lady has been putting together lately. Oddly enough this does make my list despite the fact that most outfits I cringe at. So why does it spark joy? Because it’s cute. Because I’m not trying to make her look like a perfect put together child so people can think I’m such a good, put together mother. Because I’m not and she’s not. It’s freeing to let go of that stigma. I didn’t think that I would, but I am enjoying this stipes-on-top and polka-dots-on-bottom stage. It makes me laugh to see her combinations and her excitement in herself. While there are many times I try to redirect her or influence her choice, I try to let it go and laugh. When I do want her to wear something special (or even match!) I just tell her I’m helping her out today and it’s all good. I used to hate the sight of mismatched pajamas and my husband told me to enjoy how happy they made my boys. And once I stopped worrying about what people would think or even that I hated it, I could actually see that they thought it was so cool and great that they had a mom who let them mix them up. If I hadn’t done that step first, I probably would be fighting my daughter over every mismatched outfit, but ya know what? Our relationship is so much more important to me than what she’s wearing. I am simply loving this stage!

Check out what sparked joy in my life this week as I make a journey for joy this year.

What sparked joy in your life this week?

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