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6 Tips for Soul Winning as a Family

Should you take your whole family along when you go soul winning? I think you should and here are 6 tips for making soul winning as a family easier!

Should you take your whole family along when you go soul winning?

Do you see your kids as an inconvenience when handing out tracts or sharing the gospel?

Would you rather the nursery workers watch your 6-year-old than have him tag along? Hey, it’s free babysitting and you get a break!

Are you even making soul winning a priority in your family?

Children aren’t an inconvenience. It’s time the Americans change that sinful mindset. Even Christians are guilty of this way of thinking. How will children learn how to love others and share the gospel if their parents aren’t teaching them? How will they learn to put lost souls above their own entertainment? They simply won’t.

They will follow society with this instant gratification way thinking. They won’t want to be bothered with passing out tracts. They won’t want to give up time watching football to go knock on some doors. If we never soul win as a family, our children won’t be soul winners as adults. That’s a scary thought.

I believe that parents should be soul winning as a family. Serving as a family is a blessing, why then is soul winning any different? It’s not!

Having your children tag along during soul winning times isn’t as bad as it seems. If your child can walk and pass out tracts, let them come alongside you. Let them watch their parents selflessly share the gospel. Here are some ways to make soul winning as a family important.

Should you take your whole family along when you go soul winning? I think you should and here are 6 tips for making soul winning as a family easier!

6 Tips for Soul Winning as a Family

1. Make soul winning a priority. When it’s time for organized soul winning at your church make it a point to get there. Be mindful of not scheduling anything else on that day and bring the whole family along.

2. Fill up their bellies ahead of time. You don’t want to bring kids who are going to be hungry 5 minutes into your walk.

3. Bring a snack and drink. Depending on how long you will be out, it’s a good idea to have a snack handy for little ones. They get hungry quicker and it’ll keep them busy if they aren’t helping. Drinks are always important, bring one for everyone.

4. Bring a stroller. Let’s be real, even your 3-year-old is going to get tired. No one wants to be dragging their toddler around. Don’t expect too much out of the little ones. Bring a stroller for the option of having a place to sit when they need a break. Strollers allow you to stay out longer when you bring your kids along.

5. Let them help! You’ll be amazed at what your little people can do! Teach them how to stuff doors with tracts and let them run up the driveways doing their job. All kids love being helpers, they just need the chance.

6. Praise their hard work! Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. Give them some praise! Tell them what a great job they’re doing sharing the gospel with others.

You will make some great memories soul winning as a family. You will be teaching your children the importance of soul winning, you’ll be teaching them about working hard and being selfless. You’ll be showing them that although ministry is important so is your relationship with them.

It’s is our job to reach the lost, in the future its the next generation’s job to reach the lost. Are you doing your part in preparing your children to take the torch?

Do you soul win as a family? Why or why not?

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