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The Secret Tool Every Homeschool Mom Must Have

Did you know there is a secret tool that will help you get more done in a day? Check out it out!

If I told you that I had a secret tool that helped me be more productive as a homeschooling mama, would you believe me?

Often times, as a homeschool mom I get asked: “how do you get it all done in a day?”

The fact is none of us can get it all done in a day. There are going to be some tasks that are going to have to wait, laundry will pile up and sometimes you’ll forget to thaw dinner meat in time. Homemaking takes a backseat once the school year beings.

If you are like me, you may not be able to handle the laundry piling up or the time being spent sweeping when you could be playing or reading to your kids. I can’t just let the house go in the name of homeschooling. I want the best of both worlds.

You can have a clean house while homeschooling.

It’s important to make homemaking work for you. Find routines that work for you. Train your kids to work alongside you. Chores are important for kids to learn.

But there are tools that can help you make the most of your time when getting housework done while homeschooling.

I have a secret tool that has made our homeschool days easier. A secret tool that allows me to keep my home in order and clean while saving me time, energy and allows me to focus more on my kids. I am convinced that all homeschool moms must have one (actually all homemakers should!! It’s that amazing!).

So what is my secret tool?

My Roomba!

Purchasing an iRobot vacuum cleaner has changed my life. Extreme? Not at all.

I can’t stand my house being messy and unkept. I also can’t stand sweeping my floors. It is such a time-consuming task that made me sweaty and annoyed. I would rather clean my toilets than sweep. There are so many other things I could be doing than sweeping actually.

I knew that once our new homeschool year began that my time was going to be even more valuable.

My husband finally bought me the Roomba in July just before our school year began and I have been on cloud nine since! Every night that it cleans my floors I am elated that I’m not cleaning my floors.

Does it really work?

My 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity model works great! It sweeps above and beyond what I ever expected it too. It is very thorough. I love that it memorizes the path around our home so that it can be more efficient. I love that it goes into double time when it encounters a messier spot. I love that it switches automatically from carpeting and hardwoods making sure each surface is cleaned correctly.

Did you know there is a secret tool that will help you get more done in a day? Check out it out!

Does it get stuck?

Yes, sometimes but not often enough to make me not use it or love it. It likes to get stuck under our rocking chairs since they are a little higher up from the floor than the couches. But it doesn’t happen every time. Another side note is that it is smart enough to not fall down any stairs. I love that seeing as we have a 3 story home, I don’t need to worry about it tumbling down.

I do lift our dining room chairs up onto the table before it vacuums for the night. I do this because that is a hot spot in our home for crumb production since we have 3 small children. The Roomba can’t go between all the chairs when they are left down. This literally takes me 2 minutes to do, which is still time-saving for me and totally worth it.

We are also more on top of our nightly clean up routine. Since we know that the Roomba is going to vacuum that night we are diligent about cleaning up the toys. This takes us 10-15 minutes and then afterward I don’t need to sweep! Happy dance!

What’s my favorite part?

I love my app! This is one of the best features. I love that I can program what days and times that my Roomba will clean the floors. It is so great not having to worry about remembering to use it. I can also check it’s status during a cleaning job, check the map of the areas it’s cleaned, check it’s battery level and start or stop it’s cleaning job right from my phone. The iRobot team has thought of everything.

Why the  960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity model?

My husband read a lot of the reviews on the different iRobots out there. Since many of the lower end models had a number of mixed reviews he didn’t feel it was a good use of our cash, he doesn’t like to see so many bad reviews. But the  960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity model had great reviews. He could tell that this one was worth the money, despite it being more expensive. Plus the app has become one of my favorite parts!

If you are a homeschooling family, you need a Roomba in your home. It’s time to take something off your plate and use your time doing something else. It’s okay to delegate tasks. The Roomba can save you time and energy. It can help you keep your home cleaner while you are busy teaching all day. I’ve never been happier with any other homemaking tool out there! My Roomba has taken center stage and is my absolute favorite tool! Since I’ve seen how it’s changed my homemaking and homeschool days I am convinced that every family needs one!

What’s holding you back from purchasing a Roomba? I’d love to answer your questions!

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    Lauren Shambo
    November 17, 2017 at 11:53 am

    I thought you gave tips on being frugal? 😂

    • Reply
      Anastasia Safee
      November 20, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      I guess this one would fall under tips for being frugal with your time when cleaning! 😉 Ha! It’s totally worth the investment-homeschool mom or not!!

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