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Our Third Month of School 2017

Check out all the fun we had this last month while we go through My Father's World Preschool, First and Second Grade!

It is already time for our next homeschooling post! This is the time of the month that I give my readers a sneak peek into our homeschool days throughout the month. Telling you what we loved, what we didn’t love and what we added. We are going through My Father’s World Second Grade, First Grade as well as their  Preschool curriculum.


This month things seemed to click a little more for the Little Lady. The time we took with fine motor skills paid off, her writing improved and she’s doing much better with her letters. She finally did the little reading books that come with our Abeka Preschool curriculum. She is so excited about this! She loves to do her Abeka books.

We spent one whole school day doing MFW math and large motor skills. I love that large motor is even built into this program. She had to run around perform different tasks I gave her. She played hide and go seek with different lacing shapes and did some simple math equations using the pegboard.

That’s my nephew, ain’t he a cutie? He visits on Friday’s!

We are still working a lot on the fine motor skills, shapes, tracing and cutting, rhyming, and visually learning the names of letters and their sounds with flashcards. I’m finding I am doing a lot more flashcard work with her than I ever did with my boys. I’m not sure why that is but she seems to thrive with them.

We did our weekly animal letter crafts, she worked hard on the letters D, O, W, and U this month!

First Grade

This month Little Guy was learning a lot of special sounds in his MFW phonics and doing his first bits of copy work. Other than that he followed along with his brother as I explained in month one.

One activity that we did from first grade because it was hit last year, was painting a river scene. They love it whenever I bring out the paints.

Second Grade

We had another fun-filled month! Praise the Lord! Second grade has been awesome.

In history, we focused on Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, our Independence Story. The boys were captivated by Poor Richard’s Almanac and then they were obsessed with all things George Washington. They read every book on him that they could get their hands on. They talk about him constantly and are his biggest fans currently. Christopher Columbus has been replaced. It’s so fun to watch if we only did traditional textbook style teaching I feel like I would be missing out on all of this fun. History is coming alive for them and I love watching it.

We learned about the people who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and pretended to write our John Hancock (signatures) with berry juice and feathers to mimic how they wrote things back then. They really like this!

Creating a boat with a blanket, drawing their own maps, tricorn hat fun!

In science, we focused on science in the kitchen and did some experiments with water and evaporation. Which went well with the first-grade science reading on thunderstorms, rain, and rivers. We attempted to make rock candy through evaporation but the experiment was a fail for us. I’m not sure why but hey, we tried! We also did one experiment with salty water and condensation and how the condensation doesn’t taste salty like the water does. That blew their minds. 

They had a fun month in art since we moved into the DVD lessons that came along with the second grade. They like those lessons a lot more than the previous ones. The last week we introduced the paint cards and they were happy with that. There is something about painting that makes art and craft time so much more appealing to my kids. It’s always the messy things that they love the most, isn’t it?

That was our month! We did a lot of read alouds this time around, we had some fun science experiments and they are now patriotic Americans after learning our independence story. I’d say that is a successful school month!

How about you, how was your month of school?

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