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Own Your Life Book Review

Do you long for more joy and energy? Do you want to leave a legacy of faith and influence? You can and Sally shows you how to do so in her book, Own Your Life.

It has been so long since I shared a book review with you! Life has been a little crazy this last year and I’ve found it more difficult in this season to read or at least finish a book.

Today I want to share with you just why I love the book Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson. Own Your Life is for women who are ready to live each day with intention but not just intention, spiritual intention. You’ll learn how to live each day with purpose and confidence as you let God lead you and discover His fingerprints throughout all of the small and big details in your life.

Sally is a great mentor for us younger wives. She is the Titus 2 woman the Bible describes and one that we should listen to with open ears. Are you going to agree with everything she says, probably not, but don’t throw the baby away with the bath water.

Own Your Life is broken into five parts: Barriers to Owning Your Life, Owning Your Vision, Owning Your Life by Giving God Control, Owning Your Life by Partnering with God, Owning Your Life by Loving Well. Let’s take a look at each section.

Barriers to Owning Your Life

This section tackles all of the lies that we have swimming around between our ears.

You have no purpose. As homemakers, it’s so easy to believe this lie. LIfe is full of mundane tasks and as a wife and mother it’s easy to get bored, bogged down, feel underappreciated and not valued. WHile wiping noses and behinds we forget that what we are doing within the walls of our homes will impact the next generation and do matter. Sally reminds us to find beauty in the ordinary and to own each of those moments.

 A radical life for Christ is not always visible to outside eyes. p. 11

Our attitude and choices during this season will shape our lives and highly impact the lives of the little people we serve at home. We have a choice even in the mundane chores that we do.

To take responsibility for my choices, attitude, will, and actions, knowing they would all have consequences for eternity. Once I understood that my integrity was built when no one but Christ was looking, I was motivated to remain faithful in moments alone with Him and my Bible. p. 12

You have no time. Another lie we tell ourselves. We are all just too busy. Too busy to read the Word, too busy to pray, too busy to memorize Scripture. If only life would just slow down, if only you weren’t being pulled in 100 different directions then you could spend some time alone with Christ.

Sally gently reminds us that we make time for what we deem important. We need to take charge of our calendars and stop being its victim. It’s time to be intentional with our time and manage things better. We need to stop letting life just happen to us, we have control over what we allow into our lives and what we don’t.

We can make Bible study a priority. We can make prayer a priority as well. We need to learn some self-discipline in both of these areas. We have the power to bring our lives back into order.

Busyness falsely promises productivity. p. 17

You aren’t good enough. The biggest lie of them all, the one that most of us are the most easily caught up in. The voice between our ears telling us that we aren’t good enough, aren’t smart enough, aren’t perfect enough, aren’t popular enough, and on and on the list can go.

Maybe you’ve had people in your life who have made you feel like you aren’t good enough. Parents who’ve been overly critical. A parent who has left. A friend who nitpicks everything about you. Whoever it was or is, it’s time to make their voice get out of your head.

You are good enough. We waste so much time trying to please other people. We waste so much time tearing ourselves down. Time is valuable and if we stopped wasting it this way we’d get a lot more done. If we stopped being so worried or scared if we had the confidence we needed we could do some amazing things for Christ.

Only God offers deep-down inner acceptance and approval. Only His unconditional love and acceptance will satisfy our longings. Only His ways bring vibrant health. p. 31

Owning your life must begin with a healhty view of yourself that is based on what God things of you. p.32

Sally then goes on to list the ways that you can start having this healthy view. But you’re going to have to pick up the book to see those gems!

Owning Your Vision

This second of the book is all about mapping out your purpose. We are encouraged to dream big, live life with the end in mind (who do you want to be in 25 years?), and learn self-discipline in order to do so.

Another part of this owning your vision section is about enduring the hardships that God brings into your life when He’s growing you. In order to grow, we need to be pruned and trained. You are going to have some hard times in life, what will you do? WIll you quit and throw in the towel or will you endure hardness?

Owning and submitting to God’s training process is essential to devopling our inner character. p. 56

Do you long for more joy and energy? Do you want to leave a legacy of faith and influence? You can and Sally shows you how to do so in her book, Own Your Life.

Owning Your Life by Giving God Control

Control plays a big part in our anxiety. We have to learn that God is in control and that He allows everything into our lives for a reason and that He will work everything out for our good in His time. Without giving God this control we will be filled with fear, anxiety, discontentment, and bitterness.

Sally reminds us to come to God like a child. Our faith increases when we come to Him as a child in wonder at all the amazing things He has done and will continue to do. But we can’t do anything of this until we take our eyes off ourselves, our fears, our problems and put them on Jesus. Again Sally gives us steps do so but you will have to read the book!

Another way to own your life by giving God control is being filled with the Spirit. Each day we need to remember that we have the Holy Ghost living within us, we need to pour out His love on those in our home and anyone else that we come into contact with that day. The fruits of the Spirit help us to know how to do this on a daily basis. It all comes back to giving God control.

Walking by the Spirit means yielding our thoughts, attitudes, desires, prayers, and goals to the SPirit as we go about our days. p. 89

Are your heart and will willing to do so? You have the choice to own your life. You have the choice to live a life that matters for Christ, one that impacts the next generation, one that encourages others.

Owning Your Life by Partnering with God

This is where we get into the meat of how to do all of the things discussed! This is where we find the practical steps to take each day to own your life. You can’t do things without knowing why you are doing things, otherwise, you will fail. Sally sets us up for success in this book!

Owning the spiritual disciplines. Bible study. Prayer. THese practices make us aware of God’s presence in our lives. We cannot be close to God without these. We cannot walk in the Spirit without them.

It is impossible to be godly and mature without spending extensive time with God. p. 100

One of my favorite quotes from the book comes from this section:

The most significant habit in my own life has been filling my mind and heart with the Word of God. It has fueled every good work I have ever accomplished. p. 102

Since we all go through busy seasons, it’s important that we stop and rest and refuel in these disciplines each day in order to keep on serving.

Sally goes on to encourage us to increase our faith, leaving a legacy of faith, taking care of your emotional health by having soul-filling habits and hobbies, moving past hurt and godly character within this section. There is so much that I could write a blog post on each! But again, I encourage you to grab the book because it is dripping with so much godly wisdom that will have a huge impact on your life.

Owning Your Life by Loving Well

This last section again is filled with some practical advice on how to own your life well. Loving others well is a huge part of that since we are always in contact with others whether we are homemakers or work outside the home. We all have an influence over someone, are you loving them well?

Owning the atmosphere in your home. As wives, our attitude influences the entire house more than any other force. If mama ain’t happy, nobodies happy is the saying. And oh how true it is! But have you given any thought to other things that influence the atmosphere in your home? THe music, the decorations, the warmth? All of these influence people and communicate love.

The book closes with practical advice on your marriage and your mothering to help you own your life and live a life that counts for Christ. A life that leaves a footprint on those who knew you. Sally gives one last reminder to be intentional with every moment that you have with those that you serve. You do have a choice on how each day, week, month and year will play out.

Friend, you do have a choice on how each day, week, month and year will play out. You have a choice in the direction that your life is going, the atmosphere in your home and how to no longer live with the lies between your ears. It’s time to own your life, the one you want and to love it! It’s time to love well, influence others and have a deep intimate relationship with Christ. Are you ready? Are you willing to own your life? To soak in all of the wisdom that Sally lays out there for us, Own Your Life is a must read for every Christian woman. You will feel empowered to start making choices that will have an influence over today and years to come. This is a book that I highly suggest having in paperback. You will mark up this one with any kind of writing utensil next to you!

Have you read Own Your Life? Are you ready to take the wisdom to heart and start applying it in your own life?

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