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Our Third Month of School! 

Our third month of school using My Father's World Preschool and Kindergarten! Come find out what fun we've had this last month with nests, turtles and the five senses!

I can’t believe that it is already time for our next homeschooling post! This is the time of the month that I give my readers a sneak peak into our homeschool days throughout the month. Telling you what we loved, what we didn’t love and what we added. We are going through My Father’s World God’s Creation A to Z as well as their Preschool Curriculum.

Now that daylight savings time has come I feel like our days are flying right past us. Every time I look at the clock the day is half over. I wish I could freeze time. Before I knew it my Big Guy was reading his first book this month and soaking in words all around him to learn to read everything he sees. We’ve struggled with visual learning and sight words in the past so I have taken the slow approach to reading while building his confidence in his ability. MFW’s gentle approach to reading was perfect for him and allowed him to learn to read when he was ready. This month, I blinked and he’s reading. 

the Big Guy reading a Bob book

We also celebrated another milestone this month in our home. Our Little guy turned 4! We celebrated by going out to dinner and bowling. Since we have a pet turtle and learned about turtles this month, he chose to have a turtle cake this year. This month, I blinked and he turned 4.

I need to stop the blinking because before I know it my guys will be off to college and moving out of the house. Time is fleeting and I’m trying to capture it all and savor the time. I want to intentionally live in the now, knowing how quickly they are growing.

This month we tackled Nest, Turtles, and Us

Nest Unit

My kiddo’s just love birds so they got a lot of enjoyment out this unit. There weren’t a lot of extra activites listed for it so I added a few from Pinterest.

One of the best books that we were able to read this unit was A House Is a House for Me. Both boys just laughed hysterically both times we read it. I knew that since it was such a hit that this activity of drawing things in their houses would be a fun thing for them to do. The Big Guy loves to draw so he ate this right up!

a house is a house for me activity

We also made edible nests. We did not use the suggested recipe in the curriculum because a friend from church going through the curriculum as well warned me that it was such a mess! Knowing that I am not a big fan of messes – especially food messes!- she was kind enough to  let me know. I hoped on Pinterest and found edible nests made from rice krispy treats. Now that I could do! The boys even got to help shape the nests and were thrilled that we used mini M&M’s for the eggs. Again, another big win!

making rice krispy treats

rice krispy treats as edible nests

We also made nests from paper bags and sticks. Super simple yet they loved it! We went outside, gathered sticks, then they got to break the sticks into smaller pieces and glued them on. Completely up a little boys alley!

DIY Nest Activity

Turtle Unit

Oh boy did we LOVE this unit! It just might have had something to do with the fact that I personally love turtles and we have a pet turtle.

painted turtle

Our turtle Sampson!

We read so many books on turtles that I’m pretty sure my boys can name every species there is now.

I loved doing the Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle activity with them. I let them cut out the squares for fine motor practice and they had to put them in order matching everything up. To my surprise they got it all correct on the first try!

life cycle of a sea turtle

We also made large turtles. I used this activity to drive home the character trait lesson of this unit, which was ‘I don’t quit, I persevere”. I turned this activity into a 3 day activity. Day one we painted our plates. Day two we cut out and glued on all the feet, head and tail. Day three we staples it all together and they were finally able to play with them. You can see from their smiles how excited they were!

turtle craft

Us Unit

The us unit focused on learning the 5 senses. At first they didn’t seem too interested. I’m noticing a not-so-interested-in-science-attitude in our schooling, haha! They must get that from me!

But their attitudes did shift and they really got into it around day 4. Nearly at the end! Go figure!

The shift in attitude happened because we read a fun book about the senses from the Magic School Bus series. They soaked that right up! It was down at their level and the book made learning about the senses interesting enough to captivate their attention. Since the book got them interested, we found a Magic School Bus episode on YouTube about the senses. Now they keep repeating science facts to me! So great!

We did a quick worksheet to connect what we were learning about to real things that we do every day. They really had think this one through, which I liked. I love seeing the wheels turning in their heads as they work through questions.

My Big Guy loves to draw and create books. So anytime I can find a learning activity for him that involves book making he is all over it! Both boys created their own 5 Senses book. They each were able to think of their own individual ideas of things that they smell, taste, see, touch and hear. It is so fun to see each of the personalities coming through in these activities.

5 senses work book

We played a game of memory and that is always a fun time for the kids.

kids playing abc memory game

And this face is just too priceless not to include! He was so shocked to get a match! I just happened to snap the camera at the right moment.

abc memory game


Preschool Days

The Little Guy is loving preschool! He is flying through his workbooks and really enjoying learning what his brother is learning about.

This month we focused a lot on motor skills. He hates all things fine motor!

fine motor skills

I love that MFW does such a good job at making fine motor fun. It makes it a tad bit more enjoyable for him when I do pull out something new but still has a motor focus. Like when he has had enough lacing of letters for the week I can pull out shapes and because they are new he thinks it is more fun!

motor skills

For the Turtle unit instead of making another turtle we decided to make a tiger craft instead. He did such a great job doing it independently! I was super proud of him!

preschool tiger craft

We also took some time to work on rhyming. I love this activity because it involves fine motor yet again! He needs to put the clothes pin on the correct rhyming word.

fine motor skills

Overall we had a very fun month! We so enjoyed the turtle unit. We’ve started the Dinosaur unit and it has been another win! I can’t wait to share that with you all next month.

And in case you’re wondering. This is how the Little Lady entertains herself during school.

little lady with a tea party

And she often jumps right into the activities as if she’s in preschool herself. Gotta love it!

large motor preschool activities


Your turn! What did you do this last month in your homeschool? I’d love to hear and share ideas! Let me know in the comments.

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  • Reply
    Rose @ Walnut Acre
    November 18, 2015 at 8:53 am

    The unit studies look like so much fun. Unit studies have been a favorite here in the past but we haven’t done any for awhile.

    • Reply
      Anastasia Safee
      November 18, 2015 at 9:42 am

      I’m a amazed at how much my kiddos love them!

  • Reply
    Krist Miller
    November 23, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    This looks like such a fun unit study! I’m going to pin it. I’m glad you kept with it and your kiddos ended up enjoying it. God bless your homeschool! Glad I found you at Soul Survival. 🙂

    • Reply
      Anastasia Safee
      November 23, 2015 at 4:05 pm

      I’m glad I did too. It is much easier to teach something when your kids are enjoying it! So glad you stopped by today!

  • Reply
    Shecki @ Greatly Blessed
    November 24, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Your kids have some really cute pajamas! 😀 We use MFW, as well, but we’re in Exploration to 1850 this year. I think ECC was our favorite year so far.

    • Reply
      Anastasia Safee
      November 25, 2015 at 9:32 am

      A friend from our church loved ECC! Yes, we do do school in our pajamas most days, lol! If we aren’t leaving the house my kids love the coziness of their pjs! Ha!

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