Our 2017 Homeschool Curriculum Picks!

Check out our 2017 homeschool curriculum picks!

It’s already time to start another school year! This is our fourth year of homeschooling. It’s hard to believe that! This is my first year balancing teaching all 3 of our children throughout the day.
Since we have so much more curriculum choices coming into our home this year I thought a post showing you everything would be helpful.

We have a preschooler, first grader and second grader. I’ll go grade by grade.


My Father’s World PreschoolWe love MFW’s Preschool! I love all of the hands on play and motor activities they have.

Abeka K4 – We used this when our Little Guy was in Preschool and he loved it! It taught him to read sooner than our Big Guy learned. The pictures and blend ladders are so fun and light that it’s an easy addition to our day. I’ve learned that my preschoolers like to do school for as long as their older siblings do so more worksheets keep them busy! We only do 2 pages a day, 3 times a week so it lasts all year.

I like to supplement with the workbooks because MFW doesn’t have any seat work. I tend to fall right in the middle of traditional and Charlotte Mason style homeschooling. I like workbooks, studying and tests. I think they are good habits to teach your children. But I also like the hands on aspect of MFW. I like getting them moving and doing unit studies. So we do a little bit of both!

First Grade

My Father’s World Learning God’s Story – We are sticking with MFW for first grade. While it wasn’t the best I’ve seen of the company it’s still good quality and blends well with Abeka. After going through it once I now know what to skip sooner! So it’ll be better for us. Science and history are also included but Little Guy will follow along with his big brother for the second grade things, I will just quickly go over some things from his books but it won’t be as in depth since he did it last year.

Abeka Phonics and Math – While MFW does have math and phonics included still in their first grade I still choose to supplement with Abeka. You can read why here. My boys love their Abeka!

Abeka Reading – I really liked this reading curriculum. I really love the comprehension questions after each story. It’s easy for these newer readers just to fly through a book or story without really understanding it. This reading program makes them really think about and make inferences about feelings and why things happened. It’s a great program!

All About Spelling Level 2 – We are using All About Spelling again. The boys did great once we switched last year. It’s a great choice for kids who are more hands on.

Check out our 2017 homeschool curriculum picks!

Second Grade

My Father’s World U.S. Adventures – I was on the fence about investing in MFW’s second grade since we didn’t love first grade but then I got my hands on the books and now I can’t wait to get started. It looks like they added back in the fun that was lacking last year. I can’t wait to do the science and Bible activities with my boys! Even the art looks way more fun!

Abeka Phonics and Math – We decided to stay with Abeka for phonics and math. This is the first year that MFW begins to not include these with their curriculum sets. Since we have had great success with Abeka we are sticking with it. It is a very solid curriculum and my kids love the colorful pages.

Bob Jones Reading – A new reading program to us, we are switching to Bob Jones this year versus the Abeka from first grade. It looked like a stronger curriculum after comparing the two and my mother in law suggested the switch, I respect her opinion since she’s taught second grade for many years.

Bob Jones English– We are adding in a dedicated English program this year. My mother in law, who used to teach, recommended Bob Jones over Abeka because it’s a more solid program that gives them time to apply what they’ve learned and not just throwing all of the rules at them. I’ve thumbed through the teacher manual and it really looks like a nice curriculum. I’m excited to see how it goes!

All About Spelling Level 2

There ya have it! It’s going to be fun yet busy year! I am excited to share the journey with you!

Have any questions about our curriculum choices? Ask away!

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  • Reply
    August 15, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    I would love to talk to you. I am starting MFW this year and she will be in adventures. I am a little concerned with the language arts and spelling and math recommendations. I have used BJU math and English with my older children. Do you get the teacher books for your Abeka choices and teach or do you just get the workbooks and go through them with the kids? Also, are on the facebook group. Thanks. My head is full of questions as this is new to me.

    • Reply
      Anastasia Safee
      August 25, 2017 at 2:36 pm

      This year we are doing the BJU English and I am loving their teacher’s manual. I would definitely recommend getting them. The student books alone aren’t enough to teach the material, in my opinion. I think you can get away with no teacher’s manuals in Kindergarten and 1st but not in 2nd. I hope that helps!

      Also, I’m not in the Facebook group – at this point!

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