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Our Fifth Month of School 2017

Check out all the fun we had this month with our My Father's World curriculum!

It is already time for our next homeschooling post! This is the time of the month that I give my readers a sneak peek into our homeschool days throughout the month. Telling you what we loved, what we didn’t love and what we added. We are going through My Father’s World Second Grade, First Grade as well as their  Preschool curriculum.

This was the month that we started out Christmas break so we only did 3 weeks of school before we started break. We also having technical difficulties uploading pictures from our DSLR camera to the blog so there aren’t many pictures to add this month. So this will a short update!


This month Little Lady worked on the letters C and H. She was very confident in her C sound so we only spent a week on it (that’s a win!!) but her H we spent two weeks on. She does great at naming the sounds but she struggles with recalling their sounds if we don’t spend two weeks on the letter.

She is really starting to pick up reading through her Abeka readers. It’s cute to watch her succeed but it’s hard to see her struggle when she first gets a new book. She tends to shut down and cry when something is too hard so that makes our progress a little slower because I don’t want to push her.

We didn’t much in the MFW this month since she seemed to be schooled out. So I let her do very little. She basically does school with us each day so as a preschooler I let her get away with a day off or half days since she seems pretty far ahead in her work. She wanted to do more playing and running this month so I let her have it! I think she will do great once we start up again.

First Grade

This month the Bible Reader and Notebooking picked up and switched from simply copying the title to paraphrasing in one sentence. He was ready for the challenge! It was great. I’m so used to my Big Guy and his push back on anything new or complicated that it was nice to have someone excited about a new challenge.

He’s loving adding to his timeline!

That’s it for first grade!

Second Grade

This month the boys a bunch more of their states, the history of Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road as settlers moved West, Eli Whitney, and his cotton gin invention. They LOVED the story of Daniel Boone and have been dying to learn all about him. Over our Christmas break, we decided to read an extracurricular book on Daniel Boone’s life that my mother in law grabbed for our school year.

In science, we learned about the weather, wind, and air. There were some fun activities to do with those. The boys loved the wind ones the best! Then we moved on to animal cells. Now they absolutely loved this one. They found it so fascinating. I was surprised because it was their first real introduction to biology and not just nature and animals. They soaked it all right up. We made a model of a basic animal cell for a craft and they still asked to learn everything about cells. I loved that it connected how we get sick to our cells for them.

For the last 2 months or so we’ve been reading the massive book Farmer Boy for our read-aloud time. It was quite long and we were ready to move on. So we decided to plow through the first few days of our break and we finished the book. That seems like quite a noteworthy accomplishment to add to the blog post. It was a great book, my kids loved it, but we were to be done. It had some long chapters!

We honestly just did what was needed to get done. Nothing extra. We were all very ready for our long break since we’ve been going hardcore since August with only 3 days off. So our last week we all basically checked out and counted down the days that we were done. I do know that by the time we start up in 3 weeks that we will be ready, well at least I’ll be ready for the structure that school days bring.

Christmas Break

We worked on some fun Christmas crafts that my mother in law sent up for the kids. Every year she finds the best Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts that the kids just love putting together. So they still got some fun and motor skills during break.

We also made caramel popcorn, lots and lots of cookies together and this was the first year where I felt like things went smoothly, good attitudes all around, and the kids were genuinely helpful. The training and time put in in their toddler years are starting to pay off!

Then we enjoyed the holidays and the kids had fun spending a few weeks playing with all their new toys!

I hope you had a smooth month of school and had a wonderful Christmas! See you next month for an even shorter update since it will only be 2 weeks of school due to the break!

How was your month of school?

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