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Our Fifth Month of Homeschool!

Join us as we continue our journey through My Father's World Kindergarten and Preschool curriculum! This month we tackled Octopus, Water, Goat!

I can’t believe that it is already time for our next homeschooling post! This is the time of the month that I give my readers a sneak peek into our homeschool days throughout the month. Telling you what we loved, what we didn’t love and what we added. We are going through My Father’s World God’s Creation A to Z as well as their Preschool Curriculum.

This month we tackled Octopus, Water, and Goat.

Octopus Unit

octopus hot dogs

Who knew that octopuses could be so interesting? I honestly didn’t! There were things we learned during this unit that I didn’t know. Then we would share our newly learned facts with my husband and he was just as surprised as we were to learn some cool facts.Like the fact that female’s die after her eggs hatch. She guards her eggs for 6 months without leaving them to eat and eventually dies when they are born. Crazy, right?!

octopus craft

There are so many other facts that I could share because honestly, I learned just as much as my boys! But I won’t bore my readers. Octopuses truly are amazing and declare the glory of the Lord – our character card lesson this unit. It was fun to have lessons on what praise means.

We did a lot of the activities with this unit. The only things we didn’t do was visit an aquarium or a pet store. The week prior we spent a lot of time a the pet store for our turtle so we skipped that this time around.

octopus hot dogs

We had fun making octopuses from their hand prints, octopus hand puppets and an underwater ocean picture with all kinds of sea creatures. But one of the biggest hits was the octopus hot dogs that we had for lunch. Super cool lunch that they just LOVED! I never knew hot dogs would do this!

octopus hot dogs

This unit I let them do finger painting as their tactile letter activity. I tend to stick to the salt tray but this time around I mixed it up a little bit and they had so much fun! I love the look of pure joy on my Little Guy’s face with this one (despite the blur!)! He is all about making messes.

tactile learning

Water Unit

I honestly was hesitant about this unit because I knew that it was going to be heavy on the science experiments. I don’t feel equipped to teach science but MFW makes it so easy and super fun!

Our first experiment was a prediction activity. With this we had to fill 5 cups with water; choose 1 item to place in each and predict what was going to happen to the items overnight – how would they look after sitting in water all night? He got 2 right and the Little Guy was able to get 1 one right. They were shocked that some things didn’t change the way they thought they would – such as the construction paper and crouton.

What will happen water science experiment. What will happen? water science experiment

He also loved the shape activity. With this, he learned that water has no shape but becomes the shape of the container that it is in. He had fun pouring water into different containers. I had fun cleaning up the water spills. 

I think the favorite experiment was the Does It Float experiment. We read the book Things That Float and Things That Don’t and followed it up with our experimenting. This was not activity listed in the MFW curriculum but I ma so glad we did it!

water science experiment

My boys in desperate need of haircuts!

We gathered up a bunch of things from around the house. Balls, a key, figurines, you name it and then they had to guess if they thought it would float or not. Then we added everything into the water and checked off what it did. They laughed so much during this process! Then we compared their guesses to what actually happened.

water science experiment water science experiment water science experiment

We had fun learning all  about liquids, solids, and gasses. They really did love all of the experiments with this!

Kindergarten learning about water

We ended the unit with making worm crafts out of W’s. This is a weekly craft that we do in our preschool but I let all of them do it this unit. My mother in law brought me these awesome pre-cut tissue paper squares. I love them! They make crafts so much more fun and my Little Guy loves feeling like he’s destroying something so he loved crumbling them all up. Does anyone else have a child like this?!

tissue paper pre-cut squares tissue paper pre-cut squares tissue paper pre-cut squares

Here are their finished products! They loved the 2D effect!

w is for worm art craft

Goat Unit

Can I just say that after the water unit and all of the activities that we did I was so happy to see that the goat unit had the least amount of activities so far in the lesson plans? Hallejuah! god knew I needed a lighter week. This unit is by far the lightest one activity wise that we’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hands-on learning with this curriculum but sometimes you just need a minimal week. And this was the perfect timing for us.

We were supposed to do that Insect Unit but our ants didn’t arrive in time, so we skipped one unit ahead. It was especially challenging to find books on goats at our library. So I relied on the internet and YouTube on the first day.

Because of the lightness on the activities and the ‘go to your local store and sample goat milk and cheese’ (we’ve tried it before and I already knew it wouldn’t be a hit!), I printed out a learning pack that I was able to find on Pinterest. 

learning about goats with patterns learning about goats and sizing

The boys had fun with these! It also has a Tot Pack for my Little Lady! She loved feeling included.

Preschool Days

This month my Little Guy took part in so much of the Kindergarten activities. Or the Big Guy did some of the preschool activities. Usually, my preschooler does participate a lot in the kindergarten stuff and he does his own as well but not this last month. It felt like an easier month this way. I knew that he would love all of the water science activities so I didn’t harp on the motor and thinking skills that come with his curriculum.

preschooler learning about goats while doing pre-writing pracrice math pegs octopus hot dogs

He also finishes his last Rod and Staff workbook in their preschool curriculum. That blew me away because it did take my Big Guy much longer to get through it but he has loved doing school and does it with us every time we do school (versus the normal 3 times a week). So I ended up buying the second Rod and Staff preschool curriculum. I love their super low prices! You can’t beat $40! The Little Guy is super excited to start his next books! At his rate he will finish them all by the end of the year! I am loving his eagerness to learn!

Little Lady

One thing I learned this month was that my Little Lady could be occupied for a long time doing the Laurie alphabet puzzle! She always asks if she can do and honestly, I always say no because I don’t want her to lose them or break one. I also didn’t think that she would be able to complete it. Boy was I wrong! She took them all out herself and quietly completed it herself. It was such a sanity saver!

My tip for anyone using MFW while having toddlers: let them do the puzzles!!

toddler doing Laurie puzzle


Your turn! What did you do in school this month? Have you needed to change or adapt your curriculum yet? Have you needed to buy something extra that you didn’t expect like I did? Let’s talk!

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