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Oils for Sleep Support

The perfect essential oils for sleep support! With these at your disposal, your nighttime sleep could be nice and peaceful! Take a look!

Oils have so many uses. I find I can grab for an oil over anything inside the medicine cabinet. Oils become a way of life and you’ll soon find that you are grabbing for that 15ml bottle of essential oil before anything else.

Since a child, I have struggled with sleeping troubles. I’ve used pills as a child and have been dependent on medication to help me sleep consistently for the last 8 years. That is a long time. Yet when my insomnia took another turn for the worst and the medications I was using no longer worked I had little options left. None of which I liked. I was at the end of my rope. Sleeping should be easy. Yet it seemed like a dream for me to achieve it.

I’ve often asked what is wrong with me, why can’t I lay my head down and just sleep like a normal person. It’s been a dark road. But I have found some help with essential oils. Which I never expected to happen in a million years. If I need some hardcore medications surely that oil isn’t going to help me sleep. Yet I was wrong.

I can say that I’ve been medication free for my sleeping for 8 months! That is a miracle.

Oils for Sleep Support


This is the universally known as the relaxing and calming oil. Its scent is used in so many over the counter sleep aids. It has a powerful effect on aiding in sleep, even for the worst of insomniacs.


This is one of my favorite oils. It’s inexpensive and I have seen it work with many things. Cedarwood helps support the production of melatonin in your body. You need melatonin to feel sleepy. Cedarwood can also help you in relaxing for the night. It is a wood oil so it will smell woodsy but it will grow on you and when blended with other oils it’s hard to notice.

Peace and Calming

My absolute favorite oil! I love how it smells and I love how it works! This oil for me is like Ambien to a normal person. Ambien doesn’t work for me but knocks others out cold. I must have my Peace and Calming!


This is a blend of 3 oils: Ruta, Valerian, and Lavender. Ruta oil may have a powerful relaxing effect for both the body and mind. When it combined with these two other oils, which are known for their sedative properties, this blend becomes a great tool for supporting your sleep. I am dying to get my hands on this oil but it has been out of stock since I joined Young Living.


Valerian is in many of the over the counter sleep aids, especially the natural products out there. This oil is a great for supporting insomnia due to tranquilizing properties.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile can help create a relaxing and calming atmosphere that can support sleep. Many people drink chamomile tea to help them settle down for the night. It is widely known the benefits that it has for relaxing and sleep. Using the pure oil can help you even more!

The perfect essential oils for sleep support! With these at your disposal, your nighttime sleep could be nice and peaceful! Take a look!

My Bedtime Oil Routine

Now that you know I’m serious when I say I need all the help I can get in the sleep department, I want to share with you what I do every night to help me get a goods night rest. I use the Rainstone diffuser because it diffuses all night, which is important if you wake easily and can’t fall back asleep (another one of my sleep issues!). I use 1 drop of Peace and Calming, 2 drops of Cedarwood, and 3-4 drops of Lavender. I then use a roll on of Cedarwood and then one of Peace and Calming on the bottoms of my feet. I’ve found the greatest success when I use Peace and Calming on my feet. I used to do a Cedarwood and Lavender blend with some good success but I went on to greater success with Peace and Calming.

I should add that I also use a homemade version of Dr. Schulze’s Nerve Formula, a herbal supplement. I find to be really useful to settle any anxiety I’m having.

I love grabbing for these completely natural options over the harsh prescriptions I was using and having no luck with. I am sleeping more now than I have in my entire life. I can sleep through the night which is a miracle. I do have some nights where I’m off and can’t get to sleep. And the cause is typically something weighing on my mind that I simply can’t turn off. But I’ve come a long way and you can as well.

I’d love to help you get started with Young Living so you can start using essential oils for sleep support! 

Do you use essential oils for sleep support?

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