4 Things that Sparked Joy this Month!


We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this month?

  1. Winning a dinner for 2 gift card. In September my husband and I had to have our air conditioner replaced because it was over 20 years old and the parts were no longer being made. It was leaking water into the basement which is a problem no one wants to have. We opted to have our furnace replaced at the same time to get a discount and they said it was oversized, over 20 years as well and would likely need to be replaced sooner than later. After all of the work was completed, I was told by the technicians that I could fill out a survey on their performance for a chance to win a dinner for two gift card. I was so excited and told them I would definitely go for it and the older man chuckled at me and said my chances were about 1 in 100. I said, he that’s better odds than 1 in 1000. He agreed, and I filled out the survey. My husband got a call a few weeks later, the beginning of October, that we had won! I was so excited! We were able to pick the restaurant and I so wished I could tell that technician that I won. Ha!
  2. Stokoe farm field trip. We had our first homeschool coop field trip this month. We go every year and it is always so much fun. The kids have a blast and they love hanging out with their church friends. I love watching them and making memories so this event always brings joy to me!
  3. Mud room. When we bought our dream house one of my holds up was the fact that the laundry was in the basement. With the physical health issues that I have, I can’t lift heavy things so carrying heavy loads of laundry up and down 2 flights of stairs for the rest of my life was a big deal. So he promised me a mud room off of our garage that would house the laundry room, my sewing things, and coats, shoes. Watching it being built all month has been really exciting. It’s made me so thankful for my husband and his hard work and that he loves me enough to build this entire space himself.
  4. New Carpet. While at Lowes one afternoon grabbing supplies for the mud room project we passed some carpets that were on sale, they caught my eye because we were just discussing how we needed a new rug for our living room. I wanted one with a design but those ones tend to be more pricey. When I saw the perfect one at Lowes I had to do little begging for my husband to buy it for me. We all really like the new rug, it looks nice but it is also super shaggy and soft! 

What sparked joy for you this month? I’d love to hear and share our praises with you! Comment below!

We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

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