4 Things that Sparked Joy this Month!

We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this month?

  1. Celebrating Little Guy’s 6th birthday! It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and this Little Guy has turned 6! I can’t believe what a different person he has become. He was and still can be my most strong-willed child, I never thought we would break through and finally start having fewer discipline issues with him. But that day has come. Now he has is my super sweet, super kind and caring little man more than he’s defiant and difficult. It’s rare to have a bad day with him these days and I am so thankful for that! I not only love him but I like him now. 😉 This year he chose a Spider-Man themed cake and he loved his cake and all of his presents. It was a fun day celebrating him.
  2. Brian Regan Live Show! I just love Brian Regan, he is one of the best clean stand up comedians out there. I’ve loved listening to him online for years and when he came to Rochester this month I begged to go see him live. It was fun to do something other than just dinner for a date night. We had a great time trying out a new restaurant near the theater and then watching Brian. Date nights are my favorite!
  3. My Air Fryer! I have used my air fryer so much this month that I have to take a moment to brag about it. It is the best thing ever. It’s quickly becoming my favorite kitchen tool. It cooks food so much faster, saves on our energy bill, it saves me time, it’s a whole lot less stressful cooking since I don’t have to babysit whatever is in the frying pan. It’s healthier and the house doesn’t smell like whatever I cooked for hours afterward. The meat is more tender because it’s not overdone. Gah, I just love it! It’s my go-to way of cooking at the moment. I’m even using for things that I typically bake in the oven, it’s that awesome. If you are on the fence about it, I definitely recommend it. I love the health benefits of not frying everything but getting the same flavor and texture.air-fryer-review
  4. Lavender oil! This last week we had to deal with all the leaves on our property. We have done one huge haul but a second one needed to be done before our free leaf pick up was over. The leaves were soaked, our backyard and half of the front were pools of muddy water mixed with leaves which made raking a nightmare. My husband and I were covered in mud, he kept slipping as we pulled the huge heavy tarp to the curb. All I could do was laugh. But after 8+ hours of racking in 2 days, my hands were not only super sore bit full of blisters. Enter my joy for lavender oil. Lavender is an amazing skin support oil. I applied it with no carrier oil for 2 days about every hour and none of the blisters had a chance to get nasty. The blisters went away by the next morning, I wonder how that happened?! Hallelujah! If you haven’t joined our support team yet you are missing out! Sign up here!

We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

What sparked joy for you this month? I’d love to hear and share our praises with you! Comment below!

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