4 Things that Sparked Joy this Month!

We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

This year I am on a journey for joy. You can read more about how this journey got started here.

Lacking joy? I’d love for you to join me on the journey for joy?

So, what sparked joy for me this month?

  1. Young Living’s personal care items. I love that Young Living not only carries 100% essential oils that are medicinal grade, they not only carry household cleaning products that are toxin free but they also carry personal care items! I love that our family can ditch the chemicals that are known carcinogens, synthetic hormones and on and on the list can go. The things that we put on our skin are just as important as what foods we put into our bodies, if not more important. Anything that we slather onto our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstreams, there’s no filter system like there is in our digestive tract. Guys this is huge. We need to educate ourselves with the products we are using. This month our family ditched the chemical filled personal care items. The kids and my husband and I are all using Young Living shampoos, conditioners, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, mouthwash. Everything! After we educated ourselves we finally took the plunge. And since I’m on Essential Rewards, Young Living’s monthly auto-ship membership, I get free points after each order I place to then use on free product. I cashed in nearly all of my points this month and switched out our entire family’s personal care items. It feels so good! I am so thankful for a transparent company that I can trust! Join my team to start kicking the toxins out of your home!
  2.  My new Zojirushi Bread Machine! I have wanted this bread machine for years! I have always gotten used bread machines from a second-hand store but they always die within a couple months and need a lot of babysitting because they typically don’t work 100% correctly. Since I make all of our bread, lots of rolls, doughs and so forth I’ve always wanted a nice bread machine that would hold up to nearly daily use. But they were so expensive. This Christmas my husband bought me my dream machine! I’ve heard and read so many great reviews on this specific bread machine that I’m convinced it’s the best on the market. I’m so excited for all the bread making in the New Year!
  3. My new Keurig! I’m giddy over here! Christmas was amazing this year, I got so many things I’ve been wanting! Another one of those was a new Keurig. You see back in March of this year my kidney doctor told me to stop drinking coffee and up my water intake. That my kidneys were severely enlarged (I have a genetic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease, there is no cure and eventually my kidney’s will shut down. Fun right?) for the stage I’m at with the disease. She couldn’t figure out why until I told her about my coffee habit. So since that appointment caffeine has been removed from my life. It was a hard transition. Oddly enough, my Keurig died a few weeks after that appointment. Providence I tell ya because I would’ve kept right on with drinking my coffee. My husband must trust me enough to stick to the decaf for me to have a Keurig again!
  4. My new Pasta Roller! Another thing I’ve been dying to have in my possession but couldn’t just pick up any time of the year. I have a ravioli maker but I can never get the pasta dough rolled out thin enough so I stopped making them. My husband loves ravioli but I’m allergic to ricotta cheese so I can’t cook the regular ones. With making my own pasta dough I can make my own ravioli again and maybe even regular pasta! It attaches itself right on to my KitchenAid, I love that!

We tend to overlook our blessings to see the negative. This year I'm on a journey to find the joy in life. Join me as I recount this month's blessings!

What sparked joy for you this month? I’d love to hear and share our praises with you! Comment below!

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