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How to Release Your Anxieties to God

Are you weighed down by all of your anxieties? Do you find it hard to let things go or not to sit and worry? Learn how you can release your anxieties to God with 2 simple steps.

I love rocking chairs. It’s nearly an obsession of mine ever since I was a little girl. There is something comforting to me about a rocking chair. When I was nearly due for our first baby I needed the perfect comfy rocking chair to nurse in. My poor husband had to endure a couple of hours of me trying out every single rocking chair at the furniture store. And then I did it all over again, then I narrowed it down and still had a hard time committing to the perfect one. I laugh about that scene now, my 8-month pregnant self getting in and out of all those chairs.

I still have that chair, 7 years later. It’s still my chair. I still snuggle all of my children in that chair. It’s getting harder and harder the older they’re getting but we squeeze in.

You know what I love about my rocking chair? It doesn’t move anywhere. I can rock and rock for hours without moving across the room.

Worry is a lot like a rocking chair.

Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere. p. 123

It’s no wonder I go straight to my chair when I can’t sleep at night. I need something to do, but it’s not getting me any closer to sleep.

When we worry, we’re saying, “God can’t.” If we are walking in anxiety, we’re not walking in faith. p. 123

We can’t walk be walking both, just like we cannot serve two masters. Either anxiety and worry is our master or God is.

George Muller said, “the beginning of anxiety is the end of faith. The beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety. p. 123

If I were to ask you today what you worried about, what would your answer be? Mine would be everything! Maybe I should ask what are you not worried about today.

As wives and mothers, we juggle the plate of worry just like we juggle the dishes, sweeping, schooling, and cooking.

Are you weighed down by all of your anxieties? Do you find it hard to let things go or not to sit and worry? Learn how you can release your anxieties to God with 2 simple steps.

Maybe you had a trigger that sent you spiraling into the sea of worry or maybe you’re more naturally bent that way. For me, it was a trigger. My first baby had a SIDS episode at 5 weeks old. Nothing like having to lightly shake your purple newborn awake. We spent 24 hours in the hospital running all of the tests and praise the Lord everything came back normal. But he needed to stay for 48 hours because statistically, these babies will have another episode within that timeframe. When we went home, I could not physically sleep without that baby on my chest. The weight of that panic is hard to put into words. I needed to feel his breathing. And insomnia and anxiety marched their ways right into my life.

Someone told me during that time, that God was going to take that baby home to be with Him whether he is asleep on my chest or in the bassinet next to me or even in his own room away from me. That may seem harsh but it’s what I needed to hear.

Maybe you simply grew up more fearful of life than those around you and now as an adult, you can’t shake that worry that follows you around like a rain cloud.

In this chapter of our anxiety Bible study, we are taking a deeper look at what anxiety really is.

Anxiety is that which divides and distracts the soul, that which diverts us from present duty to weary calculations of how to meet condition that may never arrive. It’s the habit of crossing bridges before we reach them. p.127

Anxiety is fretting about what could happen in the future, something that we have no control over and may never even happen. Worrying is more our perspective than the actual circumstance.

What does worrying accomplish? Seems like a silly question but a practical one and one to remind yourself of when you are in the midst of anxiety.

Worry accomplishes nothing.

It gets you nowhere, just like a rocking chair.

Jesus calls anxiety and worrying a faith problem. We aren’t trusting Him enough with our problems to not worry about them. We aren’t trusting that He is in control (LINK). We aren’t trusting that whatever outcome He has planned that we will be able to carry on.

So what do we do? We just can’t turn off the faucet of worry. I know, I’ve tried.

Humble yourself.

Humility is the first step that Paul commands of us.

1 Peter‬ ‭5:6-7‬ Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.‭

Humility is lowering yourself and giving up complete control to God. It is the complete surrender on our part and we have to get there first before we can let go of our anxieties.

Cast your care on Jesus.

Casting your care upon him is throwing it at Jesus, placing it on His shoulders, at His feet. Bringing the problem to Jesus and letting Him have control over its outcome (because we have learned that He truly is). Imagine a fishing pole and casting out the line. You are carefree, relaxed and willing to let the line go out there. Now eventually it floats back in and you end up reeling in the line, same as your anxieties, but once again you cast it out there. Again and again. This is an ongoing act on our part. 

We can’t do both, we cant hold onto our anxieties and surrender them to God. We can’t sit in our rocking chair of worry and still believe we’ve given God the control. We have to choose one and ultimately we do. When you find yourself in the seat of worry, rocking back and forth, Linda says to ask yourself this one question, “ What am I trying to control instead of trusting God?”

Are you rocking in the rocking chair of worry? What are you needing to do today to release your cares?

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