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How to Organize My Father’s World Second Grade

With these tips and tricks, you will have your My Father's World Second grade curriculum organized in no time at all!

When a new box curriculum arrives, there is a lot of excitement to go around. Unboxing it all, thumbing through all the new goodies is a fun time with the kids. Until you realize you have to organize it all! The kids get to run along while you sit there wondering where you are going to put it all, how will you organize all of the papers that come along in My Father’s World student sheets.

I’ve noticed that they always have the same loose leaf student sheets. Sometimes I wish they would just spiral bind it all or put it in a booklet with perforated edges for easy tearing out. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

Since this is my third year organizing My Father’s World, I knew exactly what to do with those pesky student sheets. (Check out Kindergarten here and First grade here!) Since I love organizing things, here is how I organize My Father’s World Second grade!

How to Organize My Father’s World Second Grade

Student Sheets

I am sticking with my crate system once again. I love this method! Each unit is contained in its own hanging file folder inside of my Thirty-One Fold N’ File. It’s an easy method to simply grab the new weeks papers quickly.

This year the state cards were perforated for easy tearing. Can I tell you nearly jumped for joy?? It was so easy to prep those to go into the folders! Maybe MFW is catching on after all! Cutting out all of the character cards and badges in Kindergarten is torture! And then more cutting for the timeline pictures in first grade. I was ecstatic to see these!


There is a lot more to the art program this year, as opposed to first grade. It looks so fun, by the way! The spiral bound book is the student’s booklet, so that will stay on Big Guy’s desk. Then there is a pack of loose leaf cardstock papers that will need a home. I decided on adding them to the inside of my Thirty-One Fold N’ File just as I did with the student sheets. I was going to put each paper into the week that we would cover it. But it was obvious from looking at all of the books at a glance. I’m sure it is but I missed it, so I just put the marker cards in one hanging file folder and the paint ones in a separate one. I put them in the same color file folder and stuck it at the back of the Thirty-One Fold N’ File. I think this will work great.


The 3 music CDs, long with the art DVD, I placed into a magazine organizer.

Books, books, and more books

If you purchased the deluxe package you will get a bunch of fun books to read throughout the year. I simply placed them on the shelf dedicated to second grade. This includes the sticker book and the science books.

Miscellaneous Items

The bird feeder and paints I placed into a storage bin along with some other science goodies that my mother in law purchased for the kids to go along with second grade.

My Father’s World Second grade is very easy to organize. It only took me about 30 minutes. There looks like a lot but it was my easiest year to prep so far. The books made it a lot easier. Don’t be afraid of tackling the project, it’ll be over before you know it!

With these tips and tricks, you will have your My Father's World Second grade curriculum organized in no time at all!

How did you organize MFW second grade?

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