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How to Make Your Marriage Better TODAY

Is your marriage struggling? Do you feel like there is no hope? Friend, there is always hope. Here is how to make your marriage better today.

I am a firm believer that we can all make our marriages better today. It doesn’t matter if you are the happiest married couple on the planet or if you are heading to divorce court you can make your marriage better if you tried. And what couple doesn’t want to be happier? I know I want to be happier and quite honestly I’m crazy happy in my marriage. My husband is amazing, loving, romantic, funny and handsome. He picks me up and smothers me kisses when I least expect it. He leaves me love notes around the house.

What more could I ask for? But then I realized there could be more. It’s a choice that we can all make.

It doesn’t matter what your husband is doing or how he treating you. Stop focusing on his attitude and weaknesses. You can’t change him. Did you catch that? You can’t your man. He will resent you for trying. So stop trying and start working on these things and start making your marriage better today.

How to Make Your Marriage Better TODAY

Laugh more

Your laughter is irresistible to your man. When you laugh you telling him you find him funny and you are enjoying his company. You building up his ego and masculinity. He will feel close to you instantly. Smile and be happy!

Be content

When you love contentment you are telling your man that he is good enough, providing enough for you. If he feels like he can’t satisfy you it’s a barrier in your marriage. Men work so hard to provide everything that you want. If you are always wanting more or are dissatisfied he will fill inadequate. He will work a job he hates for you, don’t make him resent you for something that could be easily fixed by a heart change on your end.

Is your marriage struggling? Do you feel like there is no hope? Friend, there is always hope. Here is how to make your marriage better today.


Make your husband feel like the luckiest man alive. Flirting brings the enjoyment in the everyday, mundane tasks. It builds emotions for an amazing night which is another way to improve your marriage today.

Respect him 

You can make your marriage instantly better if you would start showing your husband respect. This is his love language. It will make him want to love on you more when you respect him first.

If you are thinking, Ana, I already do these things and we are happy, now what? Keep doing them consistently. Always find a way to serve your husband and build him up, pray for him and be thankful for him. If you don’t stop doing these things you can improve your marriage. They will strengthen the bond of love that you two share. They will help bring you two back together when you have a marital spat. Arguments, disagreements, and conflict won’t stop happening but when you are these things listed here it will be easier to get your marriage back on track. No one likes to fight with their spouse!

If you are thinking that these simple things can’t possibly help your dying or stagnant marriage, you are sadly mistaken. Try them out for 6 months and see where your marriage is at. If your attitude is right and you are genuinely doing these tips you will see an improvement. Then add in some date nights and maybe even a weekend getaway and see just how much these things can improve your marriage. I promise. You can do it! Fight for a happy marriage!

Which area do you need help with to start improving your marriage today?

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