How to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving is a breeding ground for chaos. Add kids to the mix and you might as well call a moving company. But most of us can't afford that now, can we? Here are my best tips to make moving with kids easier!

So you’re moving? With kids? Feeling overwhelmed yet? Just the thought of how much work goes into moving can make your head spin. The supplies, the organizing, the packing, lining up a truck and help, the extra cleaning involved, unpacking and I can’t forget the actual move day.

Moving is a breeding ground for chaos.

Add kids to the mix and you might as well call a moving company.

But most of us can’t afford that now, can we?

In 8 years of marriage, we have 6 moves under our belts.

Growing up we moved anywhere from every 6-12 months during my teenage years. I have learned a thing or two about what makes this process easier and smoother.

How to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Get good supplies.

The better your supplies the easier your job will be. Cheap boxes and tape will make you want to scream. Searching and scrounging for newspapers and boxes will exhaust you before you’ve even begun. Skip the hassle of where’s Waldo when it comes to boxes and supplies. Order your boxes, tape and packing paper or bubble wrap online to save you time and mental energy. If you have a local Uhaul shop near you check out their box prices. We found that they were cheaper than Amazon!

This was our first move using EZ Start Packing Tape and I wish I had discovered it sooner. It is much quieter than Scotch tape, it really is true to its name. I never had any problems finding where the tape end was and getting it to start again. It was the smoothest packing tape I’ve ever used. I can’t go back!

I love to use bubble wrap. It’s not too expensive and since switching I’ve had nothing break and I don’t have to wash things to get newspaper residue off after the move. And plus it keeps the kids entertained while you’re unpacking. It’s a double win!

Another thing I’ve found that makes moving easier is room stickers. Instead of having to write out each room on each box I just slap the sticker on and then write what is inside. It helps speed up the packing process but also the unloading because people quickly recognize that yellow stickers go in the kitchen. They’re not a must but they do help!

Moving is a breeding ground for chaos. Add kids to the mix and you might as well call a moving company. But most of us can't afford that now, can we? Here are my best tips to make moving with kids easier!

Start packing early.

When you have kids, the sooner you start packing the better. Kid’s need structure, especially during the uncertainty of a move. I’m sure as they age they can handle the changes better but for your younger kids, they will be more unsettled with all of their stuff going into boxes. The earlier you start the calmer life will be in the final days and on move day. No one likes to show up to someone’s house on moving day only to help with packing still. Your kids need a rested mama so pulling late nights for weeks is only going to turn you into grumpy mama. Stay ahead of the game!

Start with less used items.

Don’t know what to pack first? Start with the cupboards or closets that aren’t frequently used on a daily basis. Save the everyday items for last. Save sentimental and kids’ toys for the last as well. You want your kids to have things to play with during the packing season.

Label, label and label some more!

You cannot over label a box. Let me repeat that. You cannot over label a box. Label the room that it needs to go to and also what is inside the box. At the end of the move, you’re going to in a new house filled with just boxes. You will want to know what’s inside those boxes when you are in need of something. Instead of frantically ripping open each box, just read the label. Trust me.

Talk about the new house frequently.

It’s a good idea to explain to your kids that they’ll get their stuff back at the new house, that all of their toys are coming along, etc. Talk about their room, how much fun it will be, plan how their new space will look with them, etc. It will help calm the nerves of younger ones or more anxious children.

Pack an overnight bag for each person.

Save your toiletries, pillows, sheets for an overnight bag. Pack a couple days worth of close in there as well. Favorite stuffed animals, blankies, etc. This allows you to have what you need for the first few nights while things are out of control. Don’t forget the shoes!

Switch to paper.

A couple days before you move switch out your dishes to paper plates, cups, bowls and even silverware. Trust me. When it comes to moving with kids you don’t want to be dealing with sink loads of dishes when you can be packing, unpacking or resting from doing so. This one is a true sanity saver for moms. Head to BJs, Sam’s Club or Kroger and stock up on all of these things and enjoy some silver lining of moving-less dishes for awhile.

Take breaks for FUN!

Kids need fun. They need a break from all of the work and chaos. It’s a good idea to take a day off here and there, depending on when you started packing (another reason to start early!). Go to the park, the zoo, snuggle and read books. Just make sure you are still investing in your kids and rewarding them for all of their help. Even toddlers and babies will need to you put down the tape and sharpie and play with them and spend some 1:1 time with them.

There you have it, my best-kept tips for making moving with kids easier. Moving is stressful but if you use all of these tips you can have some sanity during the process. I should know!

How do you make your moves easier with kids?

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