The Valentine’s Day Tradition Your Man Will Love!

Does your man snicker at Valentine's Day or even hate it?? Try this and you'll be sure to change his mind!


Does your husband fall into the category of men who hate Valentine’s Day? Does he grudgingly get you roses and chocolates out of duty? You’re not alone. There are many wives out there who have husband’s who are like this, you are not alone!

Maybe your man doesn’t mind the holiday, he’ll go along with it for your sake, but the passion is gone. Can you relate? I bet many women are shaking their heads yes at this point.

If this sounds familiar maybe you know that it is all too easy to become bitter towards your husband over it. You spend too much time creating unrealistic expectations for your man as you daydream and wish for the perfect Valentine’s Day. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment when you go down this path. Then your holiday ends up in the dumps all because of your attitude towards your man is wrong.

Instead of waiting for your holiday to tank try being proactive!

I am super excited to let you know the secret sauce for my marriage to help revolutionize this holiday! Valentine’s Day is all about love, right? Woman want to be loved and we get ourselves too focused on that. But with this new tradition, I can now say that my man LOVES this holiday and looks forward to it every year. You can do the same thing in your marriage in just a few simple steps. And I want to make it super easy for you. The hardest part is the brainstorming.

What I did to change my man’s outlook on Valentine’s Day was to create an advent calendar just for him. An advent calendar tailored especially to his wants and desires, things that spoke his love language and not mine. This wasn’t about me.

I sat down and thought of 13 things that I could do for my husband that would excite him. These ranged from his favorite dinner to steamier options for married women only eyes.

Does your man snicker at Valentine's Day or even hate it?? Try this and you'll be sure to change his mind! DIY Valentine's Day Advent Calendar-free printables!


The key is here to get out of your own comfort zone from the normal day to day things we do for our husband. Be careful not to pick things that are going to please yourself. If you don’t enjoy doing something but your husband loves it put it in the countdown. Imagine his reaction when he reads that card and looks forward to coming home from work that night. For instance, my husband’s favorite meal is my homemade sauce and homemade stuffed shells. That is an all day project on my part so I don’t like to do it often yet he loves it. So I make that happen for him during the countdown.

This is your time to wow him. To get out of routine in the bedroom and start a fire. If you know what I mean!

Your man’s outlook on Valentine’s Day will completely change when you start this tradition. And who knows, he may start looking forward to buying you those roses and chocolates when it’s time for your Valentine’s date.

I’m excited to make this Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar easy for you to make happen for your husband because I believe in it! I’ve created the perfect set of printables for you! All you need is a printer, scissors, tape and envelopes to set it up.

Included in the packet are the countdown hearts and heart cards for your own ideas and a few ideas to get your ideas going.

I like to decoratively arrange ours over our bed. Each morning, we lock the kids out, sit on the bed and my man opens up his envelope. And then the fun begins for the day!

I highly encourage you to try this advent calendar out. Even if your husband doesn’t end up spoiling you how you would like for Valentine’s Day, it will strengthen your marriage as you selflessly love on him.

For your free Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar packet click here.

Does your man snicker at Valentine's Day or even hate it?? Try this and you'll be sure to change his mind!

Your turn! Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition that your man loves! Let us know in the comments below!

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