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How to Choose Curriculum

5 Tips for helping you choose the perfect curriculum for your family!

It’s the time of year when homeschooling parents start thinking about what they’re going to do for next fall. Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be an overwhelming experience for parents who are just entering the schooling years. I remember feeling this way when it came time to look into our homeschool options last year. How do I chose?? 

Abeka. Horizons. Sonlight. Rod and Staff. Phonics. The options seemed endless.

5 Tips For Choosing Curriculum

1. Assess your family’s style.

What works best for your family? Are you a super crafty, hands on family? Do you love nature and science? Do you prefer a workbook, independent learning style or maybe your family is in a busy season where video schooling would be best? Ask yourself these questions to assess what your family needs are.

2. Consider your child’s learning style.

Do you have an independent, visual learner? Does your child require more hands on help? This is important to consider. You don’t want to frustrate your child or yourself all school year!

3. Consider your style.

This is just as important as considering your child’s needs. Your homeschooling will go much smoother if you’re prepared and comfortable with your curriculum. Do you need your lessons plans done for you? Do you need the crafts outlined and planned? Do you want less crafts and more textbook style? Do you like planning your own curriculum, pulling things from here and there and then creating your own unique lesson plans?

Make sure you love your choice just as much as you consider your child loving it. They have to learn it but you have to teach it!

4. Consider your budget.

If  you have a strict budget, stick to it! Curriculum can easily become expensive if you have many school aged children.

Don’t always feel like you need to buy the deluxe packages. If your budget is tighter one year, just stick to the basics. Your child will be fine and will still learn what he needs to by the end of the year. Sometimes simpler can be better and less stressful. Try it!

5. Ask your friends!

This can be so influential in your decision making! Go to a friends house and check out what they use. Being able to thumb through a curriculum can really sway your decision. Will it fit your needs? Your child’s needs? Maybe you didn’t know a brand existed and you end up finding the perfect curriculum.

Don’t be afraid to ask other moms what they’re using and how it’s working for them. Don’t be shy!

That is how we found the My Father’s World Curriculum. In the great sea of curriculum choices, I had not even heard of this company. It has been a perfect fit for us! We love the gentle, hands on approach to learning in the early years. Our first son loved the preschool package! We cannot wait to jump into Kindergarten!


In upcoming posts, I plan on sharing both the Preschool and Kindergarten packages with you!

What do you consider when choosing curriculum? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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