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How to be Generous {LGH #11}

Do you struggle with being generous? Does giving just not come naturally to you? You are not alone. But you can learn how to be generous with these simple tips!

Are you living a life poured out for others? Are you teaching your children that life isn’t all about them but about serving others?

Unusual kindness is such a rare character trait in this day and age. Most everyone thinks only about themselves. Christian homes need to go against culture. We need to use our homes as an avenue to serve others, to offer grace, hospitality, gratitude as well being generous with our time, talents and treasure.

It’s so easy to sulk and pout about life not going your way. We can find fault in our homes  and find 101 reasons why we can’t have people over.

When our eyes are consistently on ourselves and our problems we are right where satan wants us. God can’t use us because we refuse to be used.

Life isn’t about you.

I know that probably hurts to hear. I never like it when my husband says it to me!

Have you noticed that the most generous people are typically the most thankful people? They’ve learned the art of gratitude and it’s fueled their desire to give to others. That doesn’t always include money or things. Inviting a friend over for lunch is generosity just as much as giving someone a gift.

Gratitude, in its very essence, yearns to give. LGH p. 218

How do we create a home filled with grace, gratitude, and generosity?

Focus on the needs of others. Find ways to meet other people’s needs. If you see a need, fill it is a great philosophy to teach your children. It teaches them to be on the lookout for ways to help others and not just see a need and wait for someone else to fill it. God will equip you if He calls you to it.

Do you struggle with being generous? Does giving just not come naturally to you? You are not alone. But you can learn how to be generous with these simple tips!

Bless others, frequently. Go above and beyond when blessing others. God loves a cheerful giver. You can also bless missionaries as a family!

Encourage others. Write a note to someone you’ve noticed is feeling down lately. Make it a point to teach your kids to shake the hands of the elderly in the church. Handwritten notes are always encouraging.

Bring someone a meal . This is such a great service activity for the whole family to be involved in. It doesn’t even need to be complicated or stressful. Get your children involved!

Give without second guessing. When we over think things, we paralyze our decision making. Don’t box yourself, look for ways to give and just do it. The more you do it, the easier it will become and you’ll soon realize that God will bless you above what you ask or think.

Pray. The most powerful and effective way to serve others. I’m sure you know the feeling of knowing someone is praying specifically for your needs.

A simple but effective way to develop grateful and generous hearts is prayer. LGH p. 227

Prayer recognizes our dependence on God. We are constantly reminded of how good God is to us and all the blessings that He so graciously gives to us. It then motivates us to touch the lives of others. Our children are watching us and learning from us on how to live a life serving others –  what are you teaching your children?

Today’s Challenge:

  1. Read the November chapter.
  2. Send a card or small gift to someone today. Find something that the whole family can get involved in.


Your turn! How are you going to be a blessing to someone today? Let’s share ideas in the comments below!

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