How a Fitbit Changed My Life

A Fitbit changed my life. It can change yours as well! See how!

In August 2016, I bought a Fitbit Alta. Well, I should say, my husband bought me a Fitbit Alta. After learning these trackers tracked your sleep cycle, I knew I needed one. I struggle with insomnia and during that time in my life, I was at an all-time high in the number of sleepless nights I was experiencing.

I desperately wanted to see what my sleep cycle looked like. I wanted to see if it could help important my sleeping somehow. My husband agreed that it could be helpful information, so he agreed to get me one. What I didn’t expect was how much it would impact my life. Now I couldn’t imagine not having a Fitbit on my wrist!

How a Fitbit Changed My Life

1. It’s a challenge. One of the biggest surprises to me was just how much this little tracker challenged me. It motivated me to get more steps in pretty instantly. Once you see just how little the number of steps you are getting in on a day, you’ll be motivated to get in more steps. You can also add friends and do challenges between yourselves to see who will win the day. Talk about kicking you into high gear! I get a weekly email from Fitbit with my weekly stats and I love seeing who wins the week, my husband or I. Of course, my husband had to get his own Fitbit after seeing how motivated I was to get more active with my own. You can program your Fitbit to remind you at the end of the hour to get up and get more steps in. Each hour is a goal to get so many steps in and it will remind you of how many more steps you need to get in to win the hour. I love that! And yes, I often get up and walk around until it notifies me that I won the hour.

2. I love instant gratification. Who doesn’t? I do and it’s part of the motivation. I love when my wrist vibrates and flashes with fireworks that I reached my 10,000 step goal. I get so excited and am totally pumped up by success.

A Fitbit changed my life. It can change yours as well! See how!

3. It’s a kick in the pants. For reals. I hate seeing how little steps I am getting in. It’s a downer so I again am motivated to get moving.

4. It’s more than step tracker. I love this about the Fitbit app. They just didn’t stop with step count. Like I said, in the beginning, I originally bought one for the sleep tracking. You can also track your heart rate (technically the Alta can’t but the others do), calories burnt, miles walked. In the app, you can track or log your exercise and set a weekly goal. You can use their food log for calorie counting. You can log your water intake to stay hydrated and record your weight. It’s a great system to help you live a more healthy lifestyle and that alone can change your life. I know has for me.

5. It automatically tracks exercise! I love the fitness tracker, I love that it can tell me so much information about what I did. Like what my average pace is, my time, the route I took, etc. But sometimes I forget to turn on the tracking mode. But I’m not worried because my Alta will automatically record my movements and will log it in as exercise. Once you’ve been moving continuously for a certain amount of time the tracker kicks on. It’s a great tool for those times you forget to open the app and start tracking.

So when I was thinking I was only really going to be using it for sleep tracking, I actually ended up getting an exercise partner. It’s my accountability partner and motivator all in one. I didn’t expect it to have this life-changing impact on me but it did from the minute I put it on my wrist. I know Stacy from Humorous Homemaking had a similar experience. The Fitbit changed my life and it can change yours. I’m telling you if you want to get more active and fit, start with a Fitbit.

Do you have a Fitbit? Would you consider it to get your motivated to get moving this New Year?

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