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Our Fourth Month of School 2017

Check out all the fun we had this month with our My Father's World curriculum!

It is already time for our next homeschooling post! This is the time of the month that I give my readers a sneak peek into our homeschool days throughout the month. Telling you what we loved, what we didn’t love and what we added. We are going through My Father’s World Second Grade, First Grade as well as their  Preschool curriculum.


This month we made some major progress with Little Lady! I was starting to think she would never get some of this stuff. I’ve discovered that if I bring her chair over to my desk and work with her one on one while I’m waiting on the boys to finish other things that she is soaking in a lot more of what I’m telling her.

We worked on the letters O, W, I, and G. We spent extra time on G because she wants to say the J sound so I knew she wasn’t ready to move on. I’m trying not to stress about her mixing up letter sounds but instead just spend another week on them and reviewing that ones she struggles with later on. I’m finding it takes her about 2 weeks to really master a sound. I’m not sure if that’s because I spend less time with her than I did with my other two preschoolers or if that’s just how she learns.

We did a lot of math and large motor skills with her MFW curriculum. She loves “playing” with the pegs! She’s pretty cute doing so as well.

For fine motor, I decided to switch it up and try Q-tip painting. She painted a My Little Pony picture and liked it at first until it got harder and tiresome. I love these activities, I have a bunch pinned on my preschool board you can check out.

First Grade

This month Little Guy started his Bible reader and notebook. He’s been dying to do this because he watched his big brother do it all last year and he wanted one so badly. He loves that he filling in the beginning part of his timeline. I love seeing his excitement!


One of his science pages (I typically just read his pages for review and we skip the activities since he did them all last year and we are doing the second-grade ones. We do the ones that really peek his/their interest.) was about volcanoes. So, of course, we needed to erupt a volcano. This year we added dish soap to the mixture and that took it to another level. The soap made the bubbles last much longer, it was neat.

The all loves creating their own Tower of Babel with modeling clay! They all turned out so well!


Second Grade

This month we really got started learning all about the different states. They are really liking this! They love learning the facts, checking out all the state flags, birds, flowers and even the slogans. It’s cute to see them get so excited. As they are filling in their sticker map and their own map they are loving seeing where all of the states are located. We are having a blast.

We took time to study the Statue of Liberty. They are loving learning about all of these things. I’m telling you they are like little sponges soaking it all up. I love My Father’s World. My mother in law gave us a supplement book that was about U.S. symbols and they loved reading the comic story about the Lady Liberty. I love adding in fun things to this curriculum because it keeps their attention and interest in the subject going. Our lessons don’t just end and we move on, we talk about it for days and I give them more activities and books to read on anything they are really into. I love how adaptable it is and how it creates a love of learning!

In science, we took time to learn about some of the birds of the different states. Little Guy especially loved this activity since he is my bird watcher. They each were able to build their own bird feeder but they’re sad that there are currently no birds around to eat the seeds. They are eagerly awaiting spring!

We also did the 3 day Thanksgiving unit. We had to skip it since it didn’t line up with our calendar so we went back and they like the lighter week before their break. I honestly didn’t do any of the suggested activities in this unit because my mother in law sends us the best crafts for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we did a few of those each day.

That’s all! We are looking forward to our Christmas break and catching our breath. We’ve been going strong since August so a much-needed break in order!

How was your month of school?

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