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Our First and Second Months of School 2017

Check out all the fun we had these last 2 months while we go through My Father's World Preschool, First and Second Grade!

Welcome to our monthly homeschool updates! I look forward to sharing our curriculum with you throughout the year. I love to be honest in what we think about our curriculum and give you an inside peek into what it looks like day to day. I hope it will spur some ideas of your own for your homeschool, that you will able to determine if this curriculum could be a good fit for your family and to show you a more personal side into our lives. With all the messy desks, messy hair and pajama glory!

This month I am combining month one and two into one post because I didn’t plan for it last month in my blogging schedule and so I’m squeezing it in here. This year I am homeschooling all 3 kids! It’s been an adventure and learning curve for sure. I’m sure next year will be easier as I will be more accustomed to it but this year I’m learning to balance my time between them all.

Take a look!


These two months we worked on some fine motor skills for the Little Lady. Lots of lacing and playing with the math pegs. I also had her working on a lot of pre-writing tracing pages. Her fingers need some more strengthening before we move into writing.

We did more flashcard work than I did with my boys. We went through the ABCs that way and saying their sounds. We match the capital flash cards to the lowercase letters that came with MFW Preschool.

She also needed some help in the shapes department. For some reason, she can’t grasp shapes and we’ve been working on them for the last 2 years. I printed out some worksheets from Pinterest and bought some $1 flashcards from the Target dollar bins.

We worked on letters S, M, L, A, and N. We needed some extra help with N so we spent 2 weeks on it but I plan on doing another week at the end of the year because she was still struggling with it. She thought it was a ‘M’ the entire 2 weeks. It’s going to be an interesting year with her.

First Grade

The school year always starts out with some major review, which Litte Guy wasn’t a fan of because he has poor fine motor skills and muscle tone in his hands. Writing is sloppy and harder for him so all of the review while writing all of the letters of the alphabet made him quite cranky with his school work. Once that was over he was much better!

Since Adventures is only used for the oldest child, then the family learning cycle begins, we already knew that we wanted all of our children to go through it because we feel like it’s super important information that they may miss later on and it’s perfectly geared for their age. Since Little Guy tags along so much with Big Guy’s curriculum we decided to just go ahead and purchase his own student sheets so that he’s getting it all this year and I won’t need to reteach it next year and the boys will both start the family learning cycle next year. So we’ve basically created our own Family Learning Cycle a year early. And it’s working so well!

Check out our first and second month of school from last year for details on how MFW 1st looks!

Second Grade

We are loving Adventures in U.S. History! It is so much better than the first grade. We are a very patriotic family, so the boys are loving learning about America.

They really love creating their own U.S. map. Big Guy even wrote down all of the names of the states when he didn’t need to. He really made this project his own.

The boys absolutely loved learning all about Christopher Columbus and the ships sailing across the ocean. All of the read-aloud books completely grabbed both of their attention. They always wanted to read more of the Pioneers and Patriots book. They took in every detail.

They had a blast pretending the playground was the 3 ships sailing the ocean, they had, even more, fun making their foil boats and playing in the bathtub water. Then one afternoon they asked if we could take a picnic to the lake to watch boats sailing. Of course, I said yes!

We also learned about John Smith and Pocahontas as we moved into learning about Indians. They were really interested in how the Indian people lived. We had fun making wigwams and tepees. They played with those for awhile! They once even came down from their sister’s room wearing her jewelry and tissue in their ears for feathers and said they were Indians. I love how MFW brings history to life for them! School is fun that way.

The science this year has been a blast as well! We did some fun projects on air and water. Anything with water science is a big win for boys. It’s always way messier but the laughter and excitement throughout the lessons make it all worthwhile! We learned about air and the force of gravity. We did some fun experimenting with yeast and how could blow up a balloon some. We are working on the scientific method this year, so they are predicting the outcome of each experiment before we perform it.

The art program didn’t start out well. Neither were really enjoying it too much. Hopefully, that will change throughout the year. They have both asked to redo the Drawing with Children from 1st grade, which I did plan on redoing this year but we may end up going further into the book.

We only got through 7 weeks for our first two months because my little two had surgery after week 7. They had their tonsils and adenoids removed on the same morning. Everything went great, praise the Lord! They did so well recovering that we did a light week 7 after one week of recovering. We will probably have a week shorter holiday break to make up the week lost, we’ll see!

We had a good start! Loads of fun and learning so many new things. They are eating it all up and I love watching them. We have had some extremely long days, some difficult days but also some really great and fun days. We are excited to do more!

How were your first few months of school?

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