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Homemaking from Scratch: Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Homemade yogurt has never been easier with this tool!My latest obsession in homemade cooking is making yogurt!

It doesn’t use many ingredients. Its cheap and tasty!

With my new yogurt maker, it’s so simple!

I am in love my little pink Dash Yogurt Maker !

Yogurt maker

I know there a million crockpot yogurt tutorials online, so if you don’t have a yogurt maker, I recommended using your crockpot.

I don’t know about you but I use my crockpot a lot. The thought of having it tied up all day for the yogurt process didn’t appeal to me and kept me from branching into this. It also makes a ton of yogurt and we simple can not eat it all before it goes bad.

Therefore, I opted for a yogurt maker, a Greek style one in fact. I went this route because I liked that I could make both styles of yogurt with just one machine. A big plus!

My children absolutely love the homemade yogurt! I usually have to cut them off from eating too much! They are always singing its praises!

homemade yogurt

My boys loving their yogurt!

Here we go, the recipe!

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt Maker

Glass bowl



1/2c plain yogurt (you can reuse yogurt from your previous batch, which is what I’ve done for this tutorial or buy one at the store, just make sure it’s plain!)

5c milk (any kind!)

Homemade yogurt

1. Set out your 1/2c yogurt starter on the counter so it gets to room temperature.

2. Measure out 5c of milk and place in your glass bowl.

3. Heat milk to 185 degrees . You do not want the milk to boil. You slowly want to bring it to temp.

There are two ways to do this. The first is by heating  it on the stove by boiling water in a pot and placing your glass bowl over it, while stirring your milk consistently.

The second is that you can use the microwave, stirring every few minutes to ensure it doesn’t boil.

I choose the second method because it speeds up the process drastically. I also don’t have a large enough pot that worked for the stove top method. I tried it the first time I made this recipe and it took 2 hours to get the milk up to temp and that was only shortened because I finally gave in to microwaving it.  I now use the microwave every time and it takes less than 15 minutes!

homemade yourt


4. Now that we’ve heated the milk, we need to bring it back down to 100 degrees. Be careful not to forget about it and let it cool below 90 degrees. But ideally, we want it at 100. Set a timer to remind you.

I also speed this process along by putting it in the refrigerator. I check the temp about every 5 minutes once it gets closer to 100 degrees.

I’m also whisking the milk every time I check the temp. This helps it cool faster.

homemade yogurt

5. Turn your yogurt maker on to let it warm up.

6. Once the milk is at 100 degrees, whisk in the yogurt starter. Making sure it’s smooth.

homemade yogurt

7. Pour the milk into the small, pink container (or into your crockpot). Cover and let it cook for 9-10 hours!

homemade yogurt

8. Once it’s done cooking, you’ll notice the yellow whey on top. Just mix that back into the yogurt and it will become white again. Refrigerate for 2 hours before eating.

homemade yogurt

If you’re making Greek style yogurt, you will put the strainer into the larger, white container and pour the yogurt into that before refrigeration. Over the next 2 hours, the yogurt will thicken as it strains and the whey will be at the bottom of the container.

You can save the whey for other recipes or toss it, your choice!homemade yogurt


9. Sweeten to your liking! You can use jam with fresh fruit or  fresh fruit with honey! Add some granola and enjoy!

homemade yogurt

Our family’s favorite is Strawberry Banana!


Your turn! Do you make homemade yogurt? What do you have a yogurt maker or do you use a crockpot?

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