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Financial Peace Jr. Review

Here's an honest, not sponsored review of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. program.

I’m not a fan of paying kids for chores. If they live in the house and contribute to the mess they need to learn to help take care of the house. I’m also not in the camp of just giving kids a weekly allowance.┬áIf as adults we have to work to earn money, so then should children.

Yet I do believe that kids do need to learn the value of a dollar. They need to learn how to save, spend and give their money with a cheerful attitude. Without them getting any cash, they cannot learn these things.

That is why we love the Financial Peace Jr. program from Dave Ramsey.

My husband was a big Dave Ramsey fan before we got married. He lives a debt-free bachelor lifestyles before we were married. We paid our entire wedding in cash and even our honeymoon. Outside of 3 car loans in 8 years-each we paid off within a year – we have been debt free. My husband credits Dave for our success in this area of money.

It made sense that we would his wisdom with training our three children in this area. We want our children to go into adulthood having the financial skills to not go into debt and manage their money wisely.

What We Love


One of my favorite things about the Financial Peace Jr. program is that it is easy. Like stupid easy. Anyone can do. The chore chart has strong magnets so that it stays on the refrigerator, in sight.

Self Guided

One of my key things is that the kids have to learn some initiative with this. If I have to remind them to do a paid chore it would make no sense. And if I have to tell them to do one then they don’t get paid for it. With the board being on the refrigerator, they can always see it and be motivated to earn a buck.


The chore charts also help your kids keep track independently of where they are at with their savings goal, where they are giving to (church for our family) and what chores they’ve already done or could still do. They don’t need help from us and that my friend is a big win. I’m too busy managing non paid chores, homeschooling and household things to keep track for them.

Here's an honest, not sponsored review of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. program.


Financial Peace Jr. has helped motivate our children to be hard workers. They now have a goal in mind and they want to earn it so they’re motivated to do the work and to save diligently. These are some great values to have in adulthood so I love that they are learning them as kids.


Okay, this is a weird one but it has to go into this review. I love things that are organized and easy to use. The Financial Peace Jr. program is already organized for me and I didn’t have to do a thing. Each child has their set of 3 envelopes for saving, giving and spending. Again, making it super easy to use.

Age Appropriate

Everything included is age appropriate so that it grasps my kid’s attention. The colors, drawings, lessons, and activities are perfect for kids.

If you are thinking about starting to introduce earning money, saving, giving and spending money but you’re not sure where to begin then I hope you will give Financial Peace Jr. a chance. We’ve found major success with it and it’s a great fit for kids! It’s easy and fun to use and I couldn’t come up with a single negative thing to say, so what are you waiting for?

P.S. If you have more than one child going through the program its a really great idea to purchase the set off of Dave’s site because you can add sibling kits so you are getting extra chore charts and envelopes for each of your children without having to buy the program over again to have more on hand. Love that!! I’m not an affiliate, it’s just a great way to get the tools you need cheaper.

How are you teaching your kids about money?

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