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Essential Oils Between the Sheets

Lacking libido? Hormone imbalance? Martial issues? Whatever the reason, essential oils can help you between the sheets.

Ya’ll oils are life-changing. You think I’m kidding you but I’m not. If I can’t convince you to give oils a try for natural medicines uses, for immunity boosting, for sleep support, for homeschooling then let me try and convince you how life-changing essential oils for the bedroom can be.

Or maybe you are coming around to believing in all of their different uses but you can’t seem to convince your husband. Well, this area of oils he will be convinced for sure! And there’s not a better time to discuss essential oils for the bedroom than the month of love!

Many of these oils work so well for women because they help calm and relax us after a busy, trying day. How many times do your kids wear you out that by the end of the night you just want to crash and not think about things between the sheets? I think that comes with being a mother, but with the support of oils, we can keep that spark alive (LINK TO SPARK).

Let’s dive in and learn about these bedroom oils!

Essential Oils Between the Sheets

Progessence Plus Serum

This is where you want to start if you are having hormone imbalance issues that are inhibiting your libido.

Ylang Ylang

In my opinion, this is the oil you should start with if you are new to oils and if you are lacking the desire for intimacy. This oil is great for relaxing and getting the gears turning for a good night. If you are a woman who struggles with getting into the mood then you are going to want this oil in your stash.


This oil is a blend that’s another great one to start with. It’s also great for women to get into the mood. Young Living also made a massage oil called Sensation that has this oil in it. I’ve heard some crazy success stories for this massage oil.

Lady Sclareol

Lady S is great for women who need help with estrogen support. Estrogen plays a major role in women’s libido, so if you are lacking those you want Lady S in your stash.


Roses are the flower of love so of course, you’ll want the rose oil!


A lot of women either hate or love this oil. So I wouldn’t start with Joy, unless you know you already love it.

Clary Sage

This is another oil that supports estrogen production in women so it is great to use daily for libido support. Many of the blends mentioned above contain clary sage, but if you aren’t a blend fan then grab yourself one of these.

Cypress or Blue Cypress

Cypress promotes circulation. Chew on that. Once you get it, you’ll want this one if you need support there or even if you don’t but want more fun in the bedroom.

Black Pepper

Not one you were expecting now was it? Ha! Black pepper, like Cypress, support circulation.


If your man needs help in between the sheets, you’ll want to get Goldenrod for him. Another circulation supporter!


This is a great oil for supporting masculinity in men. It’s a great oil for your man to wear as a cologne and will supply him when the lights go off.


Mister is another oil great for cologne. It has an alluring smell that boosts confidence and enhances relaxation. Many women are drawn to it.

There are so many fun recipes you can create by combining these oils and a lot more education on each one in the book Lucy Libido says There’s An Oil for THAT. You’ll want the book! Love Button Butter? Massage oils? Lucy has got you covered.

Lacking libido? Hormone imbalance? Martial issues? Whatever the reason, essential oils can help you between the sheets.

How do you use them?

A great rule of thumb for women is the inner thigh or knee to the panty line. Keep the oil there and you’ll be set! You can also apply to the same area on your man. The neck, wrists, and chest are other great spots.

Simple put – get those oils on your body. Oils are absorbed into the bloodstream within 20 seconds, so they work faster than any over the counter or prescription drug you can use.

Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse. Aromatic use is one of the quickest ways to get the oils into your system. Set the mood hours in advance by diffusing your favorite get in the mood oil! Sensation, Ylang Ylang, whatever!

Okay, so I’ve given you the oils you need to have fun in the bedroom. Ask your man if you can order one, or some, message me and I’ll grab it and ship it to ya, use it every night for a week and then tell me you’re ready to order your kit because your husband will definitely become a believer! Getting a starter kit with Young Living gets you membership pricing which saves your 24% on all of the oils Young LIving has to offer. That is a huge savings and by starting with the kit you are getting in at a 50% discount. Nothing else on Young Living’s site is so heavily discounted. And once you use one bedroom oil you will want to try them all!

No need to thank me! Comment or email me to get started on your oil journey!

And because I’m such a believer in Young Living essential oils and how the oils can strengthen your marriage, I want to gift you the Lucy Libido book if you purchase your Premium Starter Kit after reading this post. So contact me to get your freebie!

What oil are you excited to try first?

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