Wrapping up our MOYM Series + Giveaway Winner + Announcements!

We did it! You did it! Time to celebrate the completion of our 14 day Make over Your Mornings course!

We did it!

You did it!

*cue the confetti!*

This is definitely something to celebrate! You’ve hung in there for the whole two weeks and completed the course!

You’ve taken control over your evening and morning routines and started living with more intention.

You’ve set goals with purpose and broken them down into bite size pieces so you can actually achieve them!

Stick with it! Don’t give up when you’ve failed a few days.

Crystal encourages us on Day 14 of the course to wait 21 days before changing your new routine. This gives you enough time to really evaluate whether or not something isn’t working well.

If you need inspiration or success stories from those who have made changes their mornings and stuck with it, you should check our Money Saving Mom-the people who comment on her posts keep her involved during their success! Or a simple search on Pinterest for Make Over Your Morning reviews will lead you to handfuls of posts of those who testify that this course has changed their lives.

I’ve had success from the first time around and am eager to see how much more success I will have now that I’ve gone through this course with you all!

I would love for you all to keep in touch with me as to how you are doing at your new routines and goals! Be sure to connect with me on any of my social media accounts!

And the New Year – New You Giveaway winner is, Sara, be sure to email me within 24 hours to claim your prize! I have sent you an email this morning!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I can’t wait till next time!


Monday we will be starting our Growing in Prayer bible study along side of Love God Greatly. Be sure to head over there to get the reading plan and study guide. There is also a gorgeous journal to go with the study that you can purchase. And new this study they created a Growing Through Prayer study guide- for kids! There are coloring pages and much more! I can’t wait for my kids to get bigger to use them.

Next Friday we are starting a 12-week marriage study going through the book Happily Married! I am super excited to dissect this book with you all! There is so much wisdom to glean! In this study, we will learn the secrets to being happily married- who doesn’t want that, right?! I wrote a post on all that I learned from the author, Debi Pryde, at the ladies conference I attended so be sure to check that out to see how awesome this lady is! She is full of so much wisdom, you’ll love this book!

Read more about the book and grab a copy here to be ready to begin!


Your turn! What did you think of the Make Over Your Mornings Course?

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