DIY Thankful Tree

Looking to cultivate gratitude in your home during the thanksgiving season? Then this DIY Thankful Tree is for you! In the matter of minutes you will have a fun and beautiful reminder of all your blessings throughout the month of November!

Looking for a family tradition that breeds a grateful heart in your children? We love our month long thankful tree tradition. This simple design won’t take much time at all and produces thankfulness for week leading up to Thanksgiving.

Every day for the month of November, each child chooses a leaf color they want. Then they tell us what they are thankful and we write that on the leaf. We like to initial them so we can keep everyone’s straight. I like to take a picture of each child’s leaves at the end of the month before I toss them. It’s fun to look back and see what they said each year!

Then they get to hang it on the tree wherever they choose. This tree has been a constant reminder during the month of November to think about all the different things in our lives that we are thankful for. I love cultivating thankfulness in my children’s lives, because let’s face it, they seem to need lots of reminders as children!

playing in the leaves

Our children love to help create the tree as well. We all go outside and go on a scavenger hunt for the perfect sticks. The boys especially love this part! I’m pretty sure the Little Lady just enjoys running around in the leaves.

DIY Thankful Tree


  • Branches
  • Vase
  • Marbles, or rocks
  • Leaf printouts
  • Hole puncher
  • Twine, or string

DIY easy thankful tree!

Gather the perfect sticks.

You want to find sticks that have branches coming off of them. The more the better because you want lots of places to hang those leaves!

gathering branches

Make sure to grab enough for your family size! You can always go out and gather more if you underestimated.

Decoratively arrange them in a vase.

DIY easy thankful tree!

Depending on how many sticks you have, you may need some marbles (or rocks!) at the bottom of your vase so it doesn’t tip over!

Print out leaf patterns on construction paper.

This will be the trickiest part because construction paper is wider than the printer, so you just need to trim the paper some before sticking it in the printer. About an 1/2″ is all that’s needed.

I have the leaves we use on my Craftiness Pinterest board. If you want a different design simply search for leaf patterns on Pinterest.

We use 3 colors to keep it pretty and manageable.

You can then cut out each leaf or cut them out each day. I usually will cut out a handful but then do the final ones as needed.

Hole punch and thread twine through.

Giving thanks for the Bible

You don’t need too much. Just enough to hang the leaf a little distance. (Hint:save the rest for next year! That’s right up my alley!)

Write down your blessing and hang.

Using a sharpie or marker will make it pop!

DIY easy thankful tree!

There you have it! An easy DIY Thankful tree to enjoy for the whole month of November! By Thanksgiving you will have a beautiful full tree to look at.


Your turn! Does your family have a thankfulness tradition? Have you ever done a thankful tree?

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