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Creating a Family Culture of Love {LGH #2}

Is your home filled with love? Do you kids know that you love them? Do they love each other? Or does arguing and fighting describe your home? You can create a home filled with love. You can have a family culture that is love. Click here to find out how love can change your home.


I don’t know about you but I want my home to have a loving atmosphere where kindness and love are expected behaviors in our home.

I don’t think I’m alone in this desire.

I don’t want my kids to wonder if their parents love them or  to have them grow up resenting their siblings because they weren’t taught to get along as children.

But there is a positive in this scenario. We have some control over the outcome of the atmosphere of our home. We can teach our children to hold love and kindness as valuable traits, after all Jesus did.

I want my kids to be best friends.

I want my kids to feel loved.

I want my kids to feel seen.

I have all these wants, I’m sure you do as well. But we can’t just sit back and expect them to happen. We have to DO something. We have to be intentional about creating our family culture.

Like Sally, I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret not loving the little ones in my home enough, not stopping to play and laugh and read.

So how do we create this culture of love, what does a loving home really look like?

A strong family culture helps create strong sense of identity that keeps a person faithful in the days of temptation. p. 65

4 Keys to Creating a Culture of Love


We cannot show love without grace. Grace is unmerited favor. Something that we don’t deserve. Being loving with others, especially those in our homes, requires us to be gracious with them. They are not always going to act loving and gracious towards us but we need to give grace anyways. That toddler kicking and screaming or that teenager who slams the door in the middle of your conversation don’t deserve your grace but when you give it you showing them unconditional love.

To know that you are loved when you are acting unlovable gives those within your home a sense of security. Your family will always remember your grace and they will want to spend time with you  inside your home as they grow.

Mature responses speak volume and bring life to your home.

Is your home filled with love? Do you kids know that you love them? Do they love each other? Or does arguing and fighting describe your home? You can create a home filled with love. You can have a family culture that is love. Click here to find out how love can change your home.



Endless hours of sacrifice is required when you decide to create a culture of love. It is not always going to be easy to put everyone else’s needs above your own but it is so worth it. Sometimes you are going to want to do nothing more than to take a hot bath and read a good book for the night but your teenager will beg you to bake cookies and spend the night chatting away in the kitchen. It’s in those moments that the bonds of love are made stronger. Always chose your loved ones over things.

Deciding that your family is going to take one weeknight to unplug and have a family night may require a sacrifice from other outside commitments. It goes against culture to unplug and not be running from activity to the next. But creating a lifegiving home, a love filled God-honoring home is our goal.

Do you have a generous heart?


Women aren’t the only ones who thrive when they feel appreciated. Children and husbands do as well.

What kind of words fill your home? Is there too much contention, bickering, and complaining?

Do you children feel loved based on how you speak to them?

Are you good to your husband?

Are your words lifegiving, do they encourage, inspire, affirm those in your home? A home filled with love is filled with words of life. You have the power to tear down your home or build it up with your words. Everyone in your home will follow your example because as women we set the tone of the home.

Proverbs 14:1  Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.


A culture of love will have loving forgiveness oozing out of it. A lifegiving home isn’t a place where grudges are held. Forgiveness should be pouring out of us. We cannot love well without it.

We can’t have freely flowing forgiveness without the other 3 keys; grace, sacrifice, validation. All of which flow from a humble heart.

A lifegiving home, where the culture is full of love, doesn’t just happen on its own. It happens when you decide again and again to choose what’s most important in life. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the mundane, to get swept away with outside duties and get into a rut of survival mode. When our focus gets shifted to things and activities instead of our most important relationships, we let go of our passion to create this kind of loving atmosphere. We have to fight against the pressures of life and be intentional about putting our family first, next to the Lord.

It is the emotional and spiritual atmosphere our children and friends breathe – the way we treat people, the foundations of grace we live by, that will attach their hearts to ours and ultimately to God. p. 65

Today’s Challenge:

  1. Read the February chapter.
  2. Buy a candle, light it everyday and intentionally prayer for a loving home every time it catches your eye.
  3. Spend one on one time with each person in your home this week.


Your turn! How are you going to intentionally create a loving culture in your home this week?

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