Live with Passion – Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

If you want to learn how to do brush lettering, practice and lots of it is what you need! Grab your FREE brush lettering practice sheet!

Did you enjoy Monday’s free hand lettering practice sheet? I have another one for you! It’s the week of freebies!

I am passionate about encouraging moms to find a hobby or passion that they love. While motherhood does require sacrifice, we don’t have to lose ourselves in the process. Just like everyone else, we can enjoy something that we love. If even for a few minutes here and there. I promise that you will find yourself loving life, loving your mundane tasks (as much as you can!) and enjoying your family so much more when you take time for YOU.

One way I’ve done that this year is by learning the hand lettering craft. It has been so much fun and so relaxing! It doesn’t require a lot of time or set up, which makes it easy to take out, set up and practice and put it all away. Hand lettering has become my favorite way to relax after my kids have gone to bed.

I am very much in the practicing a lot stage, where I’m not quite good or confident in my skills just yet to show them off. That is why I am always looking for different practice guides and sheets to keep me busy while perfecting the skill. With practice sheets, you are able to train your hand and brain to do the strokes with ease. Practice makes perfect right?


Olivia from RandomOlive has created the ultimate guide for brush lettering practice. I have fallen in love with it! I love that I can print out each page as often as I want or need. Sometimes it can be hard to master a letter by the end of the page and you know you need to practice it some more, with Olivia’s guide you can!

She has included everything in her guide.

You’ll learn the techniques with lots of practice strokes, letter-upper and lowercase, numbers, all of the couplets and much more!

Check out what I am loving about it, it has become my new favorite guide.

I did mention that it was the ultimate guide, right? I wasn’t exaggerating this, you will have everything in one central location so that you too can learn how to make beautiful lettering.

Olivia was kind enough to create not 1 but 3 practice sheets for my readers for FREE! You can practice 3 different phrases all week long and print them out as many times as you need.


Awesome, right?

It doesn’t stop there, after a week long of freebies, we are going to be ending the week with an awesome hand lettering giveaway. You won’t want to miss this!

If you love this practice sheet, live with passion, and you find that you just have to learn how to do all things brush lettering, then run on over to RandomOlive and pick up a copy of her guide.

I’m off to do more lettering, download your freebie below and come back Friday for free another quote to practice along with an awesome giveaway!

Grab your FREE brush lettering practice sheet!


Check out the first free quote practice sheet!

Grab your FREE brush lettering practice sheet!

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