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Are You Ever Happy?

Are you ever happy? Are you ever satisfied with what you have? Are you full of greed and envy?

Walking through a grocery store with kids can be a nightmare sometimes. Okay, many times if you haven’t trained them to behave. But if as they get older even if they do behave correctly they begin to start pleading for every cool looking box on the shelf.

Can we get these juice boxes? They have Captain America on them!

What about this cereal with Spider Man!

Oh, what about these cool gummies with the Avengers?

Can we get candy? Cake? Cookies? 

Then the why follows each time you say no.

You feel like a broken record when you simply trying to shop. They make you crazy! Well, at least that’s how the shopping trip goes with my angels. Although I’m implementing a no asking rule to break the habit.

As the parent, you know that if you say to Spider Man then they still will want the Captain America and candy. They won’t be satisfied. They won’t be content. Their greed for things in the store won’t be quenched.

I bet that’s how God feels up in heaven.

Sometimes we can act like children, can’t we?

Lord, I want a bigger car.

Lord, I want a bigger house.

Lord, I want new furniture.

Lord, I want new decorations.

Lord, I want new jewelry.

Lord, I want all the oils. 

Well, that last one may not resonate with you. But it should if you knew why Young Living is so awesome!

Are you ever happy? Are you ever satisfied with what you have? Are you full of greed and envy?

So often, once we get what we have been longing for we already have our sights set on something new.

When a woman looks for contentment in material possessions, the “things” she wants pull her deeper and deeper into discontent. p.88

How true is that? The more we have, the more we want. That bigger house requires more furniture and of course better decorations. That new dress now needs shoes and accessories to match. The Captain America juice needs Spider Man cereal, amiright?

With everyone having credit cards or a line of credit with each retailer out there, more Americans are buying things they can’t afford. USA Today revealed that American’s had $839 billion in credit card debt in 2007, I cringe at what that number would be today over 10 years later. This comes from a heart not willing to wait for things.

Greed builds a barrier that keeps us from becoming content with what God has given. p.91

What about you? Where do you land in this sea of greed and envy? Are you ever happy? Where does your heart lean toward? What about those in your home? Are your kids greedy and never happy with what they have? Is the atmosphere in your home one of contentment or discontent?

We know that God wants us to be content, we know that contentment is a holy habit we need to form. There are 4 principles that Linda gives us in this chapter that can help have a contented heart.

  1. Everything belongs to God. ( 1 Chronicles 29:11)
  2. Heart attitude is the issue. (Psalm 62:10)
  3. God comes first and possessions come second. (Matthew 6:24)
  4. Possessions are to be used, not loved. (Luke 12:15)

Friend, whatever God has blessed you was His to start with, use it to bring glory and honor to Him, set your heart on eternal things and always remember to put God first. Be careful to not let greed, envy, and discontent breed an anxious heart. It’s time trust that God will give you what need and anything on top of that is a blessing.

Are you content with the things that you have or are you always wanting newer, better things?

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