7 First Day of School Traditions

Don't let the first day of school slip by without making some fun memories with your kids! Check out these 7 fun first day of school traditions to start doing this year!

It’s in a mom’s job description to be the maker of the different traditions. If we aren’t intentional about making traditions then they will be sure to fall by the wayside in the busyness of life.

One day that I love to go all out on is the first day of school. It’s such an exciting time of the year and it is cause for celebration in our house. A new year,a new set of curriculum, new things to learn, fresh supplies and a new year of growth for our children (and us too!). Whether you homeschool or your kids attend your local school, you can do all of one of these first day of school traditions. They are not homeschool family only ideas!

Fun Breakfast

In our family, my life changing cinnamon rolls are our favorite breakfast and we eat them on all special days throughout the year. The first day of school is definitely one of those days!

Let’s face it, most days of the school year we are going to be running late or lacking motivation so everyone will eat cereal, fruit bars or something simple for breakfast. That’s why making a fuss out of breakfast on the first day of school is such a treat and great memory!

Here are some ideas.

Cinnamon Rolls

Overnight French Toast

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pancakes (add chocolate chips or berries to make it more fun!)

Skillet French Toast

Homemade Waffles (try chocolate for fun!)

Grab donuts! (And coffee for mom!)


It’s time for the traditional first day of school photos! You can do them by the bus, front door or in your school room. I love to print a first day of school printable with the new grade on it! This turns into a great keepsake and it’s fun to see how they grow from the first day to last and also from year to year.

IMG_0236 (1)IMG_0249

Student Questionnaire 

I typically do this on the last day of school but you can do them for the first day instead. Just be consistent!

I love seeing their answers each year and watching their writing improve. So fun!


Back to School Cookies

This is one I am starting this year! Kids LOVE cookies. Why not make up a special batch to enjoy as either an after school snack or after dinner dessert?

Here are some ideas:

Apple cutouts

ABC cutouts

Book cutouts

Chocolate Chip

Write a Fun or Special Note

Since we homeschool, this means that I write my kids a quick happy and fun note on our whiteboard the night before the first day. Since they haven’t been able to read yet, this has worked for us. I like to use all the colors of my dry erase set and add some flair. This gets them excited about starting.

You could make this even more special for older kids by writing them a handwritten note just for them. You could put in in their backpack or lunchbox.

Back to School Party

I love the idea of throwing one last get together before the new school year starts. We all know how it can be a challenge to get together once school is underway, whether we homeschool or not. Having one last hooray is a great way to say goodbye to summer and welcome the new year.

Count Down to the First day of School

We have to do this one. Why? Because my kids are so excited about starting that they are constantly asking me when is the day. Having a countdown eliminates the questions and keeps them excited.

We have enjoyed this one in the past but I think we are going to try the chain one this year!




The first day of school is a fun time. It’s usually filled with so many different feelings for each child. Whether you have super excited ones, scared to death ones or upset that summer is over ones you can make the first day of school a special day to get everyone excited about the new school year. Even if it’s it just that one day!

Don't let the first day of school slip by without making some fun memories with your kids! Check out these 7 fun first day of school traditions to start doing this year!

Your turn! Does your family have any first day of school traditions? Which ones will you start this year? Let’s chat and share some ideas in the comments below!

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