5 Tips for Fitting in Outside Time When You Homeschool

Do you find it hard to get outside time in for your homeschool children? If you do, then you'll love these 5 tips!

Do you find it hard to get outside time in for your homeschool children?

Between lessons, independent work, reading, music, and art it can be hard just to find to start and finish a load of laundry. If you’ve managed to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour you feel like you’ve conquered the school day.

Sound familiar?

You know that outside is important for your children but how do you fit it in with everything else that is on your plate?

I know it’s not easy. I know the struggle you have with wanting to get all of the school work done, the household chores completed and get the kids into bed at a reasonable hour. I know how easy it is for the school day to take all day leaving no time for much else. I know it’s a balancing act and most days it’s hard to keep that balance level.

For me, the hardest time to get in outside time is when the new school year begins. When we are learning how to create a new homeschool routine, learning how to navigate schooling new subjects, more kids all while managing the household tasks. Before I know it is is already after dinner and the only time my kids have been outdoors is when we are running errands or not at all. By bedtime, they are cranky and have the energy to burn all while I want them to go to bed!

Tips for Fitting in Outside Time

Give yourself grace.

You aren’t going to get this homeschooling balance gig correct at first. No one does in the beginning. Okay, maybe mom’s of 1 student in the early years does get it all right. There isn’t much on her plate yet. But as you add more kids and more subjects into the mix the school day is bound to get longer. Give yourself grace as you learn to navigate through it all. You’ll get there.


Understand that your old routine isn’t going to work for this new season. Even last year’s school schedule may not work for the new school year. That’s okay!

Do you find it hard to get outside time in for your homeschool children? If you do, then you'll love these 5 tips!

Find small breaks to get everyone outside.

Taking a breather is a good idea during the hectic school day. Even just 15-20 minutes outdoors is a good break during school time. It gets their energy out. They can explore nature, play a sport. Schedule in these few minutes outdoors before you start the next batch of lessons. Entice your kids to be diligent in their school work so they can get outside quicker. You’ll be amazed at how motivated they will be. You can use this time to start that load of laundry! It’s a win win!

Embrace the new.

If you have been used to a set routine for many years, it will be hard for you to embrace the new normal. For me, this happened this year when I was struggling to get outside for my kids when we started homeschool up again. For the last 7 years, the kids have taken either a 3-hour nap or 2-hour quiet time, depending on their age. This year we were finishing up school when quiet time started and off to quiet time, we went out of habit. I had to embrace the fact that quiet time needed to be outside time if they hadn’t been outside at all. After years of the same routine, it was hard to change things up but the outside time is far more valuable for them. They still have to read for 30-60 minutes, it depends on how much they read during school, but they are getting in a couple hours of outside time. We are all happier.

Take an after dinner walk.

An after dinner walk is a great way to burn off some energy and spend some time outside. The kids can ride their bikes, roller blades or scooters if they prefer. The whole family can enjoy this routine.t can be tricky to fit in outside time as a homeschool family.

It can be tricky to fit in outside time as a homeschool family. It is challenging during a new school year, a new baby added to the mix or a new curriculum to get used to. But you will figure it all out. You will develop a new working routine. You will figure out to balance everything. You’ll figure out how to get in that outside time. Be patient and get creative!

How do you fit in outside time during homeschooling?

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