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5 Tips for Bible Memorization for Busy Moms {Holy Habits}

Do you find it hard to memorize Bible verses being a busy mom? It is a struggle but there are ways to work around this busy season. Here are 5 tips for Bible memorization for busy moms!

Hi, my name is Ana and I’m a slacker at memorizing verses.

Please tell me I’m not alone.

I memorized a verse or more a week in high school but once I was graduated I basically stopped memorizing. There was no one there to tell me to do so, no youth leader pushing me to do so. So I stopped.

For a few years, I helped in our church’s Reformers Unanimous program and I was once memorizing Scripture regularly. But what happened? I got married and again, I stopped memorizing.

Why don’t adults memorize verses like we do as kids?

While kids are great at memorizing just about anything, it’s still an important holy habit to have as an adult. We should still continue to memorize as much Scripture as we can. And that’s going to look differently for us all depending on our current season.

5 Tips for Bible Memorization for Busy Moms

Get Accountability

I’m convinced that this is the one thing we are missing. It’s so easy to memorize in school, in youth group, in a Bible program or study because we have someone to be accountable to. Without that accountability, we can slack off. Ask your spouse, mother, sister, best friend, Bible study leader to hold you accountable. Set a time where you’ll recite your verse. By setting a date and having a meet up with someone else you will feel obligated to get your verse memorized. I promise you that!

Start Small

Kids make this look so easy. They’re sponges and take in everything so much easier than us old people. They also have more time on their hands to practice. We, adults, have to be more intentional and creative in this department. Don’t start off trying to memorize 1 verse a week, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Try just one verse a month. Once you find that to be easy, add a second verse and so on.

Do you find it hard to memorize Bible verses being a busy mom? It is a struggle but there are ways to work around this busy season. Here are 5 tips for Bible memorization for busy moms!

Get Creative

Use your space wisely. The best way to memorize something is to have it repeated over and over again. Think of the most uses spaces in your home, the bathroom mirror, the car dashboard,  the kitchen window, the refrigerator. Write out your verse and tape to all these places so that when you see it you can say it. The more places you have the more you’ll be reading it and repeating it.

I’ve tried the method of writing a verse on an index card and placing it in your pocket or wallet and you pull it out a few times a day to practice. I found this to be ineffective because you have to remember to pull it out. As busy mama’s I’m sure that’s as difficult for you as it is for me. If it’s already hanging, I’m much more likely to read it while doing something else. It becomes part of our routine, not something extra to remember.

Write It Out During Your Bible Study

When you read your Bible, take the time write out your verse one time through. Easy peasy, and won’t take too much extra time. Writing it out helps our brain to memorize things quicker because we are involving more than one way of learning. If you can’t do this every time, shoot for a few time a week.

Give Yourself Grace

Don’t beat yourself up for not memorizing 50 verses each year. If you need to work on one verse for a few months, then so be it. Once you start beating yourself up and thinking you’re a failure is the moment you will give up. Speak life over yourself and keep positive about your pace. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

As long as you’re growing in your own time, God is pleased with you. We aren’t called to be superwomen, we are all in a different season of life and whatever you do in the department of memorization it will lead to the fruit of holiness in your life. God wants His Word to be the center of our lives. Memorizing verses makes that happen, no matter how slow you go. So my friend, pick a verse and start memorizing it! It’s that easy!

What memorization tips would you add to this list?

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