3 Things Only Christians Understand

There are a few things that only Christians can understand. Curious? Find out what they are here!

I’ve gotten quite used to the world thinking I’m strange, that the things that our family does are strange, that the things we wear are worth the effort and on and on the list can go. In college, I was known all across the big campus as “the girl in the skirt”. People didn’t know anything else about me but they noticed that I always wore skirts that stood out to them. Many Christians can relate. Our unsaved family doesn’t understand why we go to church three times a week. Nor why so many of us homeschool. We are foreign to them.

As it should be.

We should be different. We should stand out. We should be living separated lives as God commands us. 

2 Corinthians 6:17  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

There are just somethings that only Christians can understand.

God’s Love.

If you aren’t a child of the King, you simply cannot fathom how God loves you unconditionally forever. That He would send His son to die for your sins. Until you accept Christ as your Savior, this is something you cannot understand. There is so much freedom in life when you lived loved by the Almighty God. You can have peace that you won’t even understand. You will realize that God will always love you, no matter what, and He won’t leave you. You can stop trying to be accepted by everyone else. You can stop struggling with anxiety. You live with a special confidence that comes right from Heaven.

God’s Forgiveness.

Until you are saved by grace, you cannot understand God’s forgiveness. You can’t begin to understand how He will always shower you with forgiveness when you ask. Only Christians can really understand the impact that His forgiveness has on life. It takes realizing you’re a sinner before you can ever experience His forgiveness. And it will change your life. When you’re saved from hell, your life is changed and the things that you do change. The world doesn’t understand it.There are a few things that only Christians can understand. Curious? Find out what they are here!

God’s Grace.

His grace fuels His forgiveness. He is full of grace. Grace flows freely and you can’t understand that if you aren’t a Christian. God’s amazing grace saves us from us sin and has powerful effects on our personal lives and how we interact with those in our lives. God’s grace makes us better wives, better mothers, better friends. God’s grace changes how we speak and sustains in our trials. God’s grace flows into us so that we pour out onto those we love and even those we don’t. The world doesn’t understand how we can do that. How can you be gracious with those who’ve hurt us? They just don’t get it.

So the next time that you are frustrated, embarrassed or even harassed for the choices that you are making as a Christian don’t let it hinder you. Remind yourself that you are just passing through here, that heaven is your home, and that the world just doesn’t understand some things about why you do what you do. Instead of letting it stop you, allow it to make you a better witness. Explain to your lost family members about how God’s love, forgiveness and grace has made you a new creature. Share your salvation story and be bold in how you live in a separated life. Don’t let it make you ashamed. Don’t let it stop you or make you hide under a rock. Let your light shine!

Would you add anything to the list? What else do Christians only understand?

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    Connie Bruce
    January 14, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    The only thing I would add is God’s availability. He is there for us ALL the time.

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