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10 Must Have Essential Oils

All essential oils are a must have, at least I thinks so! But you may not. Or maybe your budget says they are not. If you are on the fence about the oils or you don’t have a lot of money to spend then this is the post for you.

There are 10 oils that you must have in your natural medicine cabinet to support your families wellness. With these 10 oils you can support every system in your body. If you can’t get any other oils, just grab another bottle from these 10 oils to keep your stock up. You don’t want to run out!

10 Must Have Essential Oils


Lavender a great oil for sleep support, skin support and encourages a relaxing environment. Lavender is known as the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils because of its many uses.


Peppermint has so many different uses as well! It’s great for digestion support, its an invigorating oil that can help you wake up and feel energized. Many people who exercise love how peppermint can help their performance. Peppermint has a cooling effect so it’s a great go to oil for anything that might raise your body’s internal temperature.


Lemon is a great immunity boosting oil. There has been many studies done on how lemon can help immunity! It’s also great to detox the body with and can be used in cooking and cleaning.


This is a great oil for inflammation support. It also acts as a magnifier, which simply means that it doubles the effect of any other oil that it”s paired with. Copaiba is also great for happy teething babies and helping with concentration.


Another great digestion support oil!


The King of the Oils! Frank is great for brain which is great for anyone who is easily distracted or can’t remember what they were working on. #motherhood It’s also a great skin support oil and so much more. It has over 10,000 different uses! It is an amazing oil to have on hand and you will fall in love with it.


R.C. Stands for Respiratory Care so it’s use is for respiratory support and anything that would cause you to need it. It’s also a loved oil by wives who have husbands who make their bedrooms sound like a sawmill at night. So if you want a quiet peaceful sleeping experience you want R.C. Diffusing all night long! Trust me.


You will love purification. It’s great for stinky shoes, laundry, pets or anything that might causes nasty smells. It’s also a great oil to have on hand to enjoy the outdoors pest free in the summer. I like to rub it around the eye socket whenever I think my kids eyes might be getting funky and gunky, if you know what I mean.


Thieves is the ultimate must have oil. You never ever want to run out of Thieves. I hate when I do. As a mom, this will also become your favorite oil. It is the go to oil for immunity support. During cold and flu season you will want to diffuse this nonstop! You will be amazed.


Panaway is the pain support oil and is great for tired muscles. Think of it as your natural Ben-Gay.

Bonus oil!

Stress Away

Why is this a must have? Because we all have stress in our lives. Again, #motherhood. This oil smells like candy!

With these 10 must have essential oils you will be on the road to having an all natural medicine cabinet where you can reach for an oil instead of a toxin filled over the counter medicine. While Young Living may have 180 oils, you don’t need 180 oils to be an oily mommy. You will want #alltheoils once you get started but you don’t need them. You can stick to these 10 oils and keep your family’s health above the wellness line.

Because Young Living’s founder, Gary Young, wants oils in every home he created the Premium Starter Kit for $160. This is the cheapest way to get these oils into your home and it is the only thing on Young Living’s website that is always 50% off. So if you’re a frugal mama, this is right up your ally! What oils come in the Premium Starter Kit? All of these 10 must have oils, plus the bonus oil Stress Away! Why these oils? Because they all the perfect oils to start with and keep essential oils simple and affordable. So stop worrying about needing all the oils, that they’re too complicated or expensive and start your families wellness journey today. We have the best support system Young Living has to offer and we will be here to help support you as you support your family!

Are you ready to get these 10 must have essential oils into your home?

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