10 Gifts for Valentines Day Under $10

Hoping to show your love with awesome this year without breaking the bank? Don't miss these 10 Valentine gift ideas under $10!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means we are all thinking about the perfect gift idea for our love! This is the holiday to show just how much you love and appreciate them. But sometimes money isn’t always there and you have to think even harder for the perfect gift idea that won’t break the bank. I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 great gift ideas all under $10! There is something for the practical couples, the spunky couples, and even the lovey dovey couples.


Phone Case – $7.99 &up – Since most everyone has a smartphone, a new phone case is always a safe gift. Especially if you’re someone who loves switching out their cases for a new look. You can’t go wrong with any case!


Emoji Smiley Emoticon Plush Soft Pillow – $7.99 – Does your special someone love writing in emojis? This is a cute idea for them! I love all of them but one’s with heart shaped eyes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect gift ideas for couples who love to give fun spunky gifts!


Couple Keychain Keyring — “I Love You” Heart + Key – $2.75 – I’m in love with this one! These are such a cute keychain idea. I love how they connect! They are such a cute, inexpensive way to say I love you.


I Love You To The Moon And Back Leather Key Chain – $9.95 – This is such a popular love quote, if your special someone loves keychains this is another great idea for them. 


What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal -$4.06 – Even though this one is pink, you can choose other color options. This one isn’t a wrap it and you’re good to go gift. It will require you to think of something to write on each page but that’s what makes it all the more special!



Why I Love You: A Journal of Us – $9.03- A bigger version of the above. This one has more of a focus on the couple, not just the person receiving the gift. Sometimes when money is tight, this is a more meaningful gift idea. Tell your loved one why you love them and it will be the best gift they receive.


Love You & Love You More Pillowcases – $5.99- Do you guys say this a lot too? It’s fun, playful banter that most every couple does. So why not grab some adorable pillowcases to say it! Who else wants these? At $6 for the set, it’s a steal!


I Love You Plaque on a Mirror $5.99- This is such a sweet plaque. It will definitely make your loved one smile in delight. Valentine’s Day is all about the mushy gushy love, so don’t be afraid of it!



Best Husband Ever Mug – $8.99 – Is your husband a coffee or tea drinker? Then he needs this mug! Every man loves to have his ego rubbed. This mug will do the trick!


My Wife+My Friend Necklace – $6.99 – Wives love sentimental gifts, this necklace will be sure to make her feel loved and cherished. If your wife wears jewelry then this one you simply can’t pass up. Run to Amazon and grab this one! You can thank me later!

Hoping to show your love with awesome this year without breaking the bank? Don't miss these 10 Valentine gift ideas under $10!

Your turn! Which idea did you love the most?


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