10-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 5 

Day Five – Kid Bedrooms

kids1-before kids3-before kids7-before kids8-before

You might have noticed that this post did not go up yesterday as planned. It took me two days to do because Friday’s are our homeschool co-op days and we had to go buy bins for the clothes project. So it was not feasible for me to get everything done in one day.

I have a hard time putting away my kids clothes into storage, as you can see from the pictures. I have not done my daughters clothes since size 12m and my Little Guy’s 3T clothes have sat on top of his dresser for over a year. I avoid it like the plague because it is hard for me emotionally accepting that God closed a door that I wasn’t yet ready to be closed. Knowing I won’t be getting anymore use out of them makes me too sad, so the project just sits there being avoided.

kids9-before kids4-before kids5-before

Like I suspected, I cried through the entire process Friday and gave up by dinner time. Next time, I will hire someone else to do this chore! And I’m not kidding. That seems easier!

I am excited that the clothes that were on my daughter’s floor can now be hung up. All of the clothes hanging up were all too small for her. But I still avoided the job. Her closet was the biggest transformation of the entire two rooms. It’s a whole new space! I finally put away all of the baby accessories that I’ve been avoiding as well. It looks so great!

I needed to pack up the 4T clothes and then switch my Big Guy’s clothes to our Little Guy’s dresser. It was major undertaking! And took 90% of the time of cleaning these room!

kids6-before kids6-after kids4-after kids9-after

I also went through all of the headbands on her holder. Those also have been up there since she was born and I finally put them into the bin with her dresses. That was hard! Some of the ones that I love I plan on taking apart and putting them onto clips so we can still get use out of my favorite flowers.

kids2-before kids2-after

We also purged a lot of books and gave everything a thorough cleaning. Both rooms are much fresher now. Despite it taking me 2 days to do, I am glad that that heavy weight is off my shoulders.

kids1-after kids3-after kids8-after kids7-after


Your turn! What task do you avoid like the plague? How did cleaning your kid bedrooms goes? Did it take you longer or shorter to do than you anticipated?

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