10-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 4

Day Four – Dining Room

schoolroom1-before schoolroom2-before schoolroom3-before

Since we turned our formal dining room into our school room I tackled that space today. Our dining room that we eat in is lumped into the kitchen so I just cleaned it then.

Our school became the catch all room when I threw a baby shower last weekend. Everything that I needed to get out of the way ended up in here. Because of that, and my spring cleaning the boys have done school at the dining room table where I could still oversee them and read directions while I spring cleaned the kitchen and living room. It worked out great. But now this room needed a major overhaul.

I finally got everything out that didn’t belong. I say finally as if it’s been weeks and not days. But still, it all bothered me!

Our craft shelve has been all chaotic lately. It gets used a lot. It is probably the most used area of the room. I’m always needing craft supplies. I tend to pull things out looking for something else and then not putting everything back. And out ants are basically all dead. Why do we still have them in here?? Really? Ew. Probably because I didn’t want to be the one to get rid of them but alas I finally bit the bullet and dumped them. And proceeded to stomp on the pile to make sure they were all dead and not going to come crawling into my house. Ahem.¬†

schoolroom4-before schoolroom6-after

My poor desk has been over run with stickers. We have a lot of stickers and my kids all love to rummage through them in search for the perfect reward sticker. I have not had a lightbulb idea as to how to store them all year. So on my desk they sat. And I’m sure they will make their way back over. Right now I put them on top of the craft shelves. How do you store your stickers? Unfortunately, a lot of them are oddly shaped; I have large one along with really long ones. So normal sized containers¬†don’t fit them. The organization lover inside of me is annoyed that I haven’t found a solution!

I love seeing my desk again!


I finally got around to putting away all of their craft projects and worksheets that I like to save into long term storage. Finally, taking down the artwork from the beginning of the year. I love having their artwork up there! The new penguin pictures are super cute. They had to use watercolor paint to copy penguins from a book. I think they both did really good for their age! But more on that during our homeschool post.

schoolroom3-before schoolroom5-after

My biggest shock while cleaning this room was how dirty the floor was. You probably can’t even tell from the pictures. I couldn’t tell until I started mopping. The tile has tan swirls throughout it so it camouflaged all of the dirt really well. Once I did half the room I was shocked at how much dirt was on there! I sweep it often but I guess I need to mop more often. Now the floor sparkles.

schoolroom1-after schoolroom2-after


Tomorrow we tackle the kid bedroom!


Your turn! How did cleaning your dining room go for you? Do you eat in the dining room or have you transformed it into a different room like us?


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