10-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 3

Day Three – Living Room(s)

livingroom1-before livingroom6-before livingroom7-before

Honestly, I thought this day would be a breeze when I first was writing up the challenge. Boy, was I wrong! It took me longer to do my 2 living rooms than it did my bedroom. Granted, there are 2 of them in this house but it still took me much much longer to clean, dust and declutter than I anticipated.

The problem was my husband’s desk. It always needs major work when we move. He is a cable hoarder who won’t throw away anything electronic. And I won’t throw away anything sentimental. So everything gets packed away into a drawer.

But today I purged an entire garbage bag full of stuff out of the desk! I was thrilled!! I would have loved to throw away every single cord in the desk but since my husband isn’t home to say yay or nay to each cord I had to leave them all. I didn’t want to, though. And it looks like we are moving in a month or so, so eventually, he will need to go through them!

livingroom12-before livingroom11-before livingroom10-before

Look at that junk and cords! Under that pink hat is all cords. No joke. I wish I had gotten a picture. But my after picture captured them. How does one man need so many cords, I ask myself. Maybe he can weigh in in the comments when he sees this. 🙂

livingroom12-after livingroom11-after livingroom9-after

I also made my kids purge some books. We were able to fill up a whole garbage bag! I can’t wait to tackle the upstairs books when we do the kids bedrooms. We still have a lot of board books and babyhood books and today was the day they leave. There are no babies coming to enjoy them and they just took up space while never getting read anymore.

livingroom9-before livingroom8-after

Can we talk about the dust, for a minute? I mean really?! Who has time to dust on a regular basis. I don’t. But man, I should do it more often than I do. I had never noticed all of the spiderwebs in the corners of the rooms. I ended up using a pillow case to clean the ceiling fan and then put that over my broom and went around both living rooms collecting them all. The amount of spiderwebs was appalling that I then decided to go through every other room in the house. It’s amazing what you can see when you are looking!

livingroom3-before livingroom2-before livingroom4-after

One major thing that I wanted to do was declutter the desk top area by the printer. I am so glad I did because 90% of everything was garbage that we’ve been holding on to for who knows how long or why for that matter. It looks so much better now!

livingroom13-before livingroom13-after

It feels so good to get rid of some stuff and organize “hot spots” in our living areas.

livingroom5-before livingroom4-before livingroom8-before livingroom2-after livingroom3-after livingroom7-after

Overall, it was a long morning but I am so pleased (again!) with the results!

livingroom1-after livingroom5-after livingroom6-after

Quick tip! I have discovered how amazing dusting mitts are! I did not have to take down one picture frame off of the wall. The dust collects so nicely on the mitt and made dusting such a breeze! I am hooked. You should get one! I used Norwex brand but I am sure any brand would work. If you hate dusting, this tool is for you.


Your turn! How long did it take you to clean your living room for the challenge?

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